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The Nike Bape Lawsuit — Better Late than Never

By February 7, 2023Nike, Sneaker News

Nike Bape Lawsuit

So, we’re starting to feel like Nike has its own version of the “Death Note”. Or, for a less extreme case, their own version of “Phoebe’s List”. Why? Basically, because Nike’s been having a parade of lawsuits lately! This includes their latest feat in the Nike Bape lawsuit. 

People have been saying that the Nike Bape lawsuit is, to say the least, long overdue. But, the Swoosh has been preoccupied with suing other people in the sneaker industry. For example, their latest venture against StockX that resulted in the removal of their verified authentic tags. This also caused a gigantic outburst of fake Jordan rumors! And then, there’s also Nike’s suit against their longtime rival, Adidas. Now, Nike and Adidas have always been in some kind of battle — legal or not. 

But, they actually went at it in court! 

The two got tangled in a copyright infringement lawsuit back in 2022. Over what? OVER APPS — their respective sneaker apps, in particular. We’re talking about the Nike SNKRS app and the Adidas CONFIRMED. However, the Nike Bape lawsuit includes a different type of infringement: sneaker design copyright infringement! Let’s get more into the matters of the court! 


The Nike Bape lawsuit begins with the history of Bape — aka, A Bathing Ape. This is the Japanese streetwear brand with the notoriously famous Ape logo. Although it was technically founded back in 1993, it wasn’t until 2003 that it gained HEAT. And, even though it isn’t one of THE most popular brands in the world; it’s definitely up there! 

Especially the Bape Sta sneakers

Now, it isn’t strange for a sneaker brand to have a fan-favorite model. But, if you look at the the Bape Sta sneakers, you’ll see why Nike’s mad. Basically, the Bape Sta looks like the fraternal TWIN of the Nike Air Force 1. Not brother. Not distant cousin. Actual TWIN. 




Produced in 1982 

Produced in 2000

Retails for $90

Retails for $200

Comes with the signature Swoosh emblem

Comes with a SUS shooting star emblem

Bape Nike Lawsuit Sneakers


So, what came onto to trigger the Nike Bape lawsuit after ALL THIS TIME? If the Bape Sta came out 23 years ago, what awakened the Swoosh? 

Apparently, back in 2009, Nike had struck a sneaker deal with Bape. The deal stated that, as long as Bape their business in the U.S. to a minimum… there won’t be any issues. Kinda like a mafia deal if you ask us. “Following the meeting,” Nike’s lawyers say in the suit, “Bape significantly and materially diminished its US activities.”

That lasted till 2021. Since then, Bape has been doing more and more business in the United States. And, even more, they dropped multiple new models and silhouettes “inspired” by Nike sneakers

  • It was the Air Force 1 and the Bape Sta
  • The Sk8 Sta and the Nike Dunks
  • The Court Sta Hi and the Jordan 1s 

In a nutshell, yes the Nike Bape lawsuit had to happen a long time ago. We love Bape. But, trying to outsmart the Swoosh never ends well! 

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