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Nike Cancels Jarritos Dunks Orders After Users Purchase Them!

By May 24, 2023Nike, Sneaker News

AIO - Nike Cancels Jarritos Dunks OrdersWhen it comes to sneaker copping, there’s a certain route we follow, and it hardly ever changes. It starts with learning of a new cool drop, that either has one great resale value or makes a good collectible. Then we brush up on sneaker-copping techniques while making sure our sneaker bot and proxies’ subscriptions haven’t yet expired. Finally, we armor up and get ready to cop the heck out of said new release. And if it’s worth it, we don’t only cop a pair, we cop IN BULK!

However, imagine you’ve gone through all of this, managed not to take an L, and copped a couple of pairs of the new Jarritos Dunks. A few hours later, the Swoosh cancels your order! Yes, that’s exactly what happened with some sneakerheads after they hit a W on Nike SNKRS, a week ago. So, let’s find out what exactly went down, and what was Nike’s response on the matter. 

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Nike Cancelling Jarritos Dunks Orders

It’s no news that taking Ls on the Nike SNKRS app is the norm. But it’s definitely outraging when you manage to catch the W, but it gets taken away from you not a while later. But the question is, why did Nike cancel Jarritos Dunk orders?

You see, it’s a common fact that Nike has a personal vendetta against sneaker resellers and botters. Mind you, the Swoosh is the brand that started botting, to begin with! But this didn’t stop Nike from launching a war against botters and resellers over and over again. From announcing new penalties for resellers to applying new retailer rules, Nike sure knows how to hold a grudge. 

So, accordingly, rumor has it that restricting botters was Nike’s main goal. Thus, the mess-up happened. But it looks like applying these rules didn’t go according to plan. Because it’s mostly non-botters that have been banned from the app as they tried to catch the new Jarritos Dunks. And they took it to Nike’s comment section to express their anger and disappointment in the brand. 

HOWEVER, this ain’t the only theory circulating in the sneaker industry. Some insinuated that Nike’s lack of control on sneaker backdooring is the main reason behind this chaos. And Nike has one long history with this one. So, it might be that a huge amount of the Jarritos Dunks’ stock got backdoored that when it came to packing up orders from Nike SNKRS, there weren’t enough pairs left. And voila, Nike canceled Jarritos Dunks orders!

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