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Nike Dunk Shoes: Could This be their Final Frontier? (Again)

By March 9, 2021October 2nd, 2021Nike, Sneakers

Are Nike Dunk Shoes Dead - AIO BotIf there’s one thing certain in life, it’s death – deep! Well, as cringey as that sounds, it’s actually true. That also applies to the sneaker industry. You might not have noticed, but a lot of sneakers have died out and faded away in the past. It’s all about sneakers losing their hype – that’s how a sneaker dies. Very sad. Ultraboosts lost their hype to the Yeknits with every Yeezy Boost 350! Sneakers that lose their hype sell for below retail on most aftermarket platforms! But, the only difference is, the sneaker gods have a way of resurrecting dead sneakers and giving them all the hype sneaker powers back! They LIVE, they die, they LIVE again, only to die out! It’s a never-ending cycle. And, that is exactly what happened with the Nike Dunk Shoes! They’re the sneakers that just can’t stay dead! 

The Birth of  Nike Dunk Shoes

Nike Dunk Shoes OG - AIO BotThe Nike Dunk shoes are like the OG staple Nikes and they actually go way back; like Jordan-back. The Dunks are actually the inspo behind the original Jordan design. So, technically, if you don’t like Dunks, you don’t like Jordans! They first released in 1985 and have become the most iconic and popular Nike styles ever. The Nike Dunk shoes are the most recognizable skateboard shoes in sneaker history.  Nike designed the first iteration of OG Nike Dunk shoes after the teams of the University of Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Georgetown, Syracuse, St. John’s, and UNLV – these make up the OG colorways! With so many different sneaker collaborations under their soles, the Nike Dunk shoes grew a huge amount of hype. But, when will they actually reach their final moments in the sneaker spotlight?

They Grow Up So Fast!

Nike Dunk Shoes - AIO BotThe Nike Dunk shoes were at their most prime time during the year 2020. It was the year of the dunks. Nike was literally shooting dunks all over our sneakerheads all year with dozens of sneaker collabs that literally had us on our knees in awe like the Strangelove Nike Dunk shoes or the Chunky Dunky!. We had our bots all revved up and ready for action. If you were one of the prepared, you probably made loads of cash on the aftermarket reselling those Nike Dunk shoes – reselling for a shit-ton of money! Or, you were one of the unfortunate sneakerheads who did not do his homework and had to buy off the aftermarket. You win some you lose some (unless you have a pretty powerful sneaker bot, it’s always Ws)! So, the Nike Dunk shoes really had an awesome 2020. But, was it too much?

Make It Rain Dunks!

Nike Dunks Dead - AIO BotIf you take a look at the top sneakers with the highest price premium on Stockx for the year 2020 alone, you will have a pretty decent shock!
As of the time that this article drops, the top ten sneakers with the highest price premium on Stockx are:
1. Nike Dunk Low Cactus Plant Flea Market Spiral Sage – Price Premium: 11150%
2. SB Dunk High 420 Reverse Skunk (Special Box) – Price Premium: 2724%
3. Nike SB Dunk Low Grateful Dead Bears Orange – Price Premium: 2696%
4. Jordan 1 Retro High New Beginnings – Price Premium: 2185%
5. Nike SB Dunk Low StrangeLove Skateboards (Regular Box) – Price Premium: 1814%
6. SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky (F&F Packaging) – Price Premium: 1695%
7. Nike SB Dunk Low Sean Cliver – Price Premium: 1358%
8. SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky – Price Premium: 1330%
9. Nike SB Dunk Low StrangeLove Skateboards (Special Box) – Price Premium: 1151%
10. SB Dunk Low Travis Scott (Regular Box) – Price Premium: 1140%

Notice anything strange? Nine out of 10 are Nike Dunk shoes! Now those are crazy numbers, but they’re also the reality of 2020. It was the Nike Dunk shoes CRAZE – people went BALLISTIC over these kicks. So, will this year be the airball for Dunks?

The Looming Death of Nike Dunk Shoes

Upon further inspection of the trending Nike Dunk shoes of the year 2020, there is an obvious plateau. Kinda like Kurt Cobain said in his song Plateau, “Holy ghosts and talk show hosts are planted in the sand”… And, possibly Dunks too! The thing is, there are tons of competition coming up this year – even from Nike themselves! The Nike Air Force 1 might even be the sneaker to dig the Nike Dunk shoes’ grave! But, Nike knows what they’re doing. It’s only a matter of time before they sign a crazy collaboration with an up-and-coming celebrity and bring the Dunks back from the dead AGAIN! So, it might take a little while for Dunks to completely die out – especially with all the Nike Dunk shoes coming up. But, until then, we’ll keep on copping!