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Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1: The Chicken or The Egg Debate!

By July 6, 2023July 19th, 2023Nike, Sneakers

Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 - AIO BOT - Nike Dunk vs Jordan 1 - Sneaker BotsThe Nike Dunk vs Jordan 1 is a timeless, endless debate that has been going on for 35+ years! As timeless as the Nike vs Adidas debate. For people who aren’t experienced in the sneaker industry, they might think it’s the same sneaker! Of course, they’re definitely NOT. But, we do understand the confusion. 

Although we can’t deny the fact that there was a time when Nike Dunks lost their hype to the extent that people questioned the possibility of them being dead for good. God knows we don’t want a Supreme funeral repetition. 

But that won’t be happening anytime soon, since both Jordan 1s and Dunks are now recognized by the old and the new generation. Therefore, today is for discovering all the prominent similarities and differences between the two silhouettes so that we never mix them up ever again. Thus, resting the Nike Dunk vs Jordan 1 debate once and for all.  

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Who Came First?

The best way to start with the Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 debate is through a little history lesson. Who came first? The chicken or the egg? The Dunk or the J? Which one is it!

So, according to Nike, the Air Jordan 1 dropped just a few months before the Nike Dunk did. Thus, making the Jordan timeline and the Dunk timeline pretty confusingly close. Also, to make things even worse, their design came from the same brilliant mind – the late Peter Moore. But, although the Nike Dunk shares many similarities with the Jordan, it also shares similarities with other sneakers: the Terminator and the Nike Legend!

However, although they looked like fraternal twins, the Air Jordan 1s were a HUGE hit, right off the bat. This is because this was all around the same time that Michael Jordan’s NBA superstardom was kicking off! The Air Jordan 1 dropped in 1985 in the OG Bred colorway. The Nike Dunk dropped later that year in the College Color High in several colors including Syracuse, Georgetown, and Kentucky.

Dunks vs Jordan 1: THE COMPARISON

So, to put the final Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 debate to rest, we’re gonna present their similarities and differences. Put it all out in the open and remove all traces of confusion! You should note that both sneakers were influenced by the high-top trend of the 80s. Something that a lot of people still prefer to this day! 

Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 – SIMILARITIES:

Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 Similarities - AIO BOT - Air Jordan 1 vs Nike Dunks Similarities - Nike Dunk Versus Air Jordan 1 - Air Jordan 1 Versus Nike Dunk – Both dropped back in 1985
– Peter Moore designed them both
– Nike built both of them for the basketball court
– They have the same number of eyelets (9 eyelets)
– Both have a perforated toe box
– And, their mid panels share the same Swoosh
– They got similar traction patterns on the outsoles
– They both feature the same Nike branding 

Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 – DIFFERENCES:

Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 Differences - AIO BOT - Air Jordan 1 vs Nike Dunks Differences - Nike Dunk versus Air Jordan 1 - Nike Dunk versus Jordan 1 - Air Jordan 1 versus Nike Dunk – The Jordan 1 features 6 panels on the uppers, while the Dunk features 4
– The Dunks have bigger toe boxes
– Also, the Nike Dunks feature the OG tongue from the 80s with the tongue tab
– The Jordan 1 has the iconic Jumpman logo directly on the tongue
– The Air Jordan 1 has the Wings logo on the back while Dunks have Nike branding
– And, one of the most significant differences comes from the midsoles! The Dunks have foam midsoles while the Jordans have an Air-sole unit
– Finally, Dunks have ankle straps just before the top eyelet. Jordans have straps at the last eyelet!

Nike Dunk versus Air Jordan 1: THE VERDICT?

So, in the Nike Dunk versus Air Jordan 1 debate, who wins? In all honesty, any sneaker enthusiast will tell you that sneakers are integral to any collection. We’ve had more Air Jordan 1 colorways than we can count. But, that also applies to the Nike Dunks! Therefore, with so many amazing colorways out there, why not get both!

The final verdict is: get an epic sneaker bot and buy them both! It’s Jordan Year, after all! So, if not now, then when? Now is the perfect time to invest in a sneaker bot that helps you catch as many kicks as you want on release day, because why not? You can buy one for keeps and sell the rest on resale platforms. Who knows, maybe you’d turn the sneaker reselling hustle into a full-time job in no time! And if you know where to start and how to pick the most suitable sneaker bot for you, click on the button below for a full guide! 

Finally, make sure to keep it locked on our blog for all the latest updates on Nike, Jordans, Yeezys, and more! Keeping you in the loop of it all!