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Nike Cancels Kobe Orders and It’s Jarritos Dunks All Over Again!

By September 1, 2023Food for thought, Nike

Nike Cancels Kobe orders AIOWhenever a hot release takes place on Nike SNKRS, you bet your a$$ some drama will ensue. And well, the Nike Kobe Day was no different. Imagine this, the nerves are hitting new heights, multiple Kobe kicks are restocking, and well… Nike SNKRS happened. Now, imagine that you actually hit on that release! Maybe one pair, and maybe more, and you get an order in. However, tragedy hits because all good things come to an end, and Nike cancels Kobe orders out of nowhere. So, here’s everything that went down on Kobe Day!

Order Confi- SIKE!Nike Kobe Order Cancellations AIO

Taking Ls on Nike SNKRS sucks, but we get over it eventually-ish. However, it’s a different type of treason when you score a pair of Kobes and then get an order cancellation. And you see, this did happen to many on Nike Kobe Day of all days! But the worst of it all is actually to take Ls on all your attempts but luck out on one that ends up getting cancelled. Sounds straight out of a horror movie doesn’t it? Chucky sounds like such a better alternative right now.

You see, many people got the happy notification that told them they actually scored a pair. However, it seems like Nike oversold kicks they don’t have! And while some people didn’t get any kind of “compensation”, others got a $100 Nike gift card for the inconvenience. Although it wouldn’t mend the broken heart over Kobes, it’s better than nothing!

Supply-Demand Breakdown

We gotta start by saying that the Nike Kobe line is one of the best performance kicks out there. The Nike Kobe and Kyrie line (RIP) certainly held their own on the hardwood floor. Even when Vanessa Bryant and Nike had that dramatic falling out, the kicks stayed relevant. Then, they announced that they made amends and the line would come back. And you bet your a$$ that sneakerheads and ballers equally lost their marbles!

Now, Nike promised some hot drops on Kobe Day, which made sense… obviously. The catch though? It’s that the stock was altogether just a bit over 7,000 pairs. Meanwhile, the number of entries exceeded a freaking 25 MILLION! So, without doing the monster math, you can imagine how many millions of Ls went out that day. In other words, the supply-demand relationship was OFF.

The Nike Kobe Cancellations Are All Too Familiar!

Let’s be real here. This ain’t really the first time that this sort of thing happened on the Nike SNKRS App. It already happened just this year in May 2023 during the Nike Dunk Jarritos drop. Many people got order cancellations after scoring Ws. So, that pauses the question. Is this error due to a bug? Or because Nike can’t control the sneaker backdooring phenomenon?

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