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Concepts Nike Kyrie 6 KHEPRI Drops Tomorrow! Newest Kyrie Sneakers!

By December 26, 2019March 25th, 2021Nike, Sneaker News

Concepts Nike Kyrie are back with the newest addition to the 2019 Kyrie sneakers fam! These new sneakers take us to the Sahara desert in full-on sneaker heat! Last year, Concepts co-designed Nike Kyrie dropped a sick Egyptian-themed sneaker that brought mummies to life! Kyrie Irving’s very own Hamsa hand tattoo is behind the release of the Concepts Kyrie 5 IKHET then! And, to top it all of, we even had the Great Sphinx and Eye of Ra vibe. That’s one powerful sneaker you don’t wanna cross! And, the new Concepts Nike Kyrie 6 KHEPHRI is no different!
We got everything you need to know about this hot new kick and we’re sure it won’t disappoint. Kyrie never does! His sneakers are among the best Nike basketball shoes out there!

The Best Kyrie Sneakers of the Year!

The Spongebob Squarepants Kyrie Pack

Kyrie Sneakers - Spongebob Pack

It’s a beautiful thing when sneakers and our favorite TV show get together and make awesome sneakers. And that’s exactly what Kyrie decided to do. No one’s too old for Spongebob! The pack included 6 different sneakers for 6 of our favorite characters on the show! We got Spongebob (duh), Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs and even Spongebob’s pineapple house! And, of course, we can’t forget Squidward. We think his sneaker is one of the best sneakers in 2019! The pack is a mix of Kyrie 2 low and Kyrie 5, which retail for 110$ to 130$.

The Kyrie Preheat Pack!

So, Kyrie loves TV shows. We’re all kids on the inside! But, he also loves Eleven. Not we don’t mean El from Stranger Things! We mean the number 11, which is the number that was on his dad’s basketball jersey (his too)! It’s also the number of games Kyrie played at Duke University. That’s why, and for so many other reasons, Kyrie dropped a pack of 11 sneakers inspired by his 11 favorite cities! The Preheat Collection released on November 11 (clever) in each city! He also dropped one more sneaker called “Heal the World”, and, honestly, its name speaks for itself.

Nike Kyrie Preheat Pack 

The Nike Kyrie Low 2 Sunset

This Kyrie sneaker looks exactly like its name. A sunset. The colorway on this sneaker reminds us of the Air Max Plus in Sunset! It’s the perfect sneaker to represent the perfect sunset in its gradient orange to red color. And, to make it even better, we got a vivid red Swoosh down its side. It dropped on November 1st with a retail price of $110

Nike Kyrie Low 2 Sunset

Kyrie 5 BRED

You gotta love yourself some BRED sneakers.  It’s probably one of the most popular colorways ever! Even if it’s not a BRED Air Jordan, it’s still a pretty savage colorway. Nike hooked this Bred with some awesome Nike Air Zoom Turbo cushioning for that burst of explosive energy you really need on the court. It’s not rocket science; it’s black, red and dope all over! 

Kyrie 5 Bred

Kyrie 6 Enlightenment

This sneaker will make you a bit dizzy. Kyrie played on the idea of perspective. He got us twisting the sneaker sideways and upside down to find different signs and graphics! Like the heel eye graphic which is more visible only at certain angles. The colorway itself is inspired by the flashing camera light filters that are supposed to ‘change perception’. Pretty cool!

Nike Kyrie 6 Enlightenment

Concepts Nike Kyrie 6 KHEPRI

We’re back to cop the heat with the new Concepts Nike Kyrie 6 KHEPRI sneakers that drops this December! It tells the story of ancient Egyptian god Khepri Ra, the sun god. It has a scarab beetle to represent the symbol of Egyptian gods, salmon prink upper and bright blue-green laces! We’re also getting a kid’s exclusive iteration, the “Golden Mummy”

This Nike Kyrie 6 drops exclusively at Concepts’ Boston and New York locations! Also online at BSTN and afew.

Concepts Nike Kyrie 6 Khepri

Release Date: December 27th (Concepts) – 31st (Global)
Retail Price: 140$

The year is almost over, so you might as well cop whatever sneaker drops left of the year! Even if you already spent so much Christmas sneaker shopping, this sneaker is worth the cop! There are so many sneaker drops in 2020, it’s ridiculous! But, if you like sneakers that don’t look like they dropped in a barrel of bleach, then Kyrie is the sneaker for you!