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The 5 Biggest Brands Caught in a Nike Lawsuit!

By March 25, 2023Nike

Top 5 Nike Lawsuit - AIO BotWe’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again: Apart from having the best marketing team, Nike has one of the best legal teams in the world. And, this might be speculations, but with the number of lawsuits we’ve seen, we’re pretty sure they work on commission. In other words, the more brands they sue, the more money they make! What else could justify the insane number of brands caught in a Nike lawsuit over the year?

Although most of the time, when you drag a brand to court, you’re likely to become arch-enemies. However, that’s not exactly the case for the new Nike x Corteiz lawsuit. The Swoosh sued them (for obvious reasons) and won a total amount of £1,850 GBP. Doesn’t seem like the multi-billion dollar brand would stoop for such small amounts. But, they did!

Granted, Corteiz now has a Nike collaboration in the works. So, we guess that worked out.

Therefore, for the fun of it, let’s go over all the most notable brands that Nike has sued! The top 5 brands that got caught in the Nike crossfire. One of Nike’s potential latest defendants is the NDPD 1100°C $700 Air Jordan 1 lookalike… We’ll have to wait and see if that’s going to happen!


#1 Adidas

Nike Lawsauit - AIO BotOf course, the very first and most notable Nike lawsuit is the one against none other than Adidas. Adidas and Nike have been long-standing rivals in sneaker history. And, it definitely contributed to all the fun! We like us some sneaker Dramarama

The true drama between the two could be traced back to Nike’s partnership with Kanye West. Adidas really thought they ATE when Kanye joined their team. Now, in 2023, after all the drama with Kanye, we’re pretty sure they regret their decision.

In 2021, Nike tried to ban the import of Adidas PrimeKnit material and also accused Adidas of stealing designs. Their most recent tiff included a lawsuit of copyright infringement that Adidas raised against Nike. It seems that these two will always meet in the courtroom – they probably enjoy it too!

#2 Lululemon

In January 2023, Lululemon found themselves in the midst of yet another Nike lawsuit in infringement of 3 patents. The lawsuit is against Lululemon footwear, AGAIN – yes this is not their first time suing. The first Nike lawsuit against Lululemon included a court order against their Mirror home fitness machine in 2022. 

Nike Lawsuit

The infringed patents relate to textiles, including knitted elements and webbed areas. “Nike’s claims are unjustified, and we look forward to proving our case in court,” a Lululemon spokesperson said in a January statement.

The Lululemon shoes on trial are:
– Chargefeel Mid
– Chargefeel Low
– Blissfeel
– Strongfeel


Also in January, the Swoosh decided to add one more Nike lawsuit to its list by suing another brand: the Japanese streetwear brand, A Bathing Ape – aka, BAPE. The Nike x BAPE lawsuit was a long time coming. In fact, we’re surprised that Nike let BAPE go for such a long time. 

The trademark infringement suit alleges violations of Nike’s Air Force 1, Jordan 1, and Dunk. Nike even called Bape’s products “near verbatim copies” which means SUPER DUPER COPIES! 

“This dispute goes back almost fourteen years during which Nike has repeatedly failed to identify in detail the nature of its alleged rights in the overall look of its sneakers,” Bape’s lawyers wrote in a letter to the judge.


#4 StockX

And then there’s StockX who had just set themselves up for a Nike lawsuit on many occasions! In January 220, StockX launched its NFT Vault of digital sneakers. However, these sneakers were digital versions of the physical sneakers reselling on StockX. Naturally, this included Nike shoes, Air Jordans, Adidas, New Balance, and more. So, obviously, Nike was not happy about that and went on to raise a HUGE lawsuit against StockX NFTs.

Also, in May, Nike decided to take things even further and sue StockX all over again for counterfeit sneakers. Nike claimed that they purchased at least 4 fake sneakers on StockX which had sneaker collectors in a frenzy. This ultimately caused StockX to remove their verified authentic tags to avoid legal claims.


So, MSCHF sneakers have always been on the controversial side when it comes to sneaker designs. Do you remember the “Satan Shoes”? In 2021, the Brooklyn creative company sold 666 pairs of “Satan Shoes” using the Nike Air Max 97 model. If you don’t remember, this was a sneaker collaboration with rapper, Lil Nas X. 

The sneakers came with a drop of human blood in the soles. Geez…