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Nike Limited Edition Special Shoe Boxes & Sneaker Packaging!

By March 24, 2023Nike

Nike Limited Edition Shoe Box - AIO BotCollecting sneakers has become more than a hobby or a way to make money – it’s art! Everybody knows that when a Nike limited edition special shoe box is in the works, things get heated! You see, even if the actual sneaker release is as brick as brick gets, or if they’re SUPER ugly sneakers… the special sneaker packaging changes everything! And so, we’ve decided to take a moment and talk about 5 of our personal favorite boxes.

Now, a lot of people may not understand the concept of saving a shoe box. But, just consider the eBay Wear’Em Out store! If eBay did not know how difficult it would be for sneakerheads to make a choice between: 

  1. getting a sneaker for an exclusive discount but having to throw out the box
  2. Keeping the box and paying full price

We love a good deal… but, what if it’s a Nike limited edition special shoe box? Would you be willing to throw it away for a discounted price? Heck no! These boxes are the collectibles of the sneaker industry. The ones that, in a couple of years, will most definitely be worth a fortune! And besides, why would anyone not want to keep their box when there are tons of things to do with them?

Nike Limited Edition Shoe Boxes

Before we get into our favorite Nike limited edition shoe boxes, we gotta get one thing clear. How are you going to get the shoe box if you can’t get the shoes? Nike’s pulling all the stops when it comes to copping sneakers online. With the latest Nike retailer rules, it’s obvious that Nike does not want us to cop sneakers easily. Nor make money online reselling sneakers.

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Air Pressure - Nike Limited Edition Shoe BoxIn 1989, one of the best Nike limited edition shoe boxes made its debut. That year, the Swoosh introduced the Nike Air Pressure with an inflatable concept. These sneakers required an external hand pump to expand the ankles.

The Nike Air Pressure retailed for $180 which, at the time, was insanely expensive. However, the Ghost Busters-esque sneaker box that you sling over your shoulder was THE shit.

Cool Ghost Buster type of box or more like a Tupperware box? You decide!


Nike Champ PackNext, another one of our favorite Nike limited edition shoe boxes is the Nike CHAMP PACK from 2004.

The Olympic Games are like the Met Gala of the sneaker industry. Sneaker brands scramble to debut the best and newest sneaker releases. And so, Nike did exactly that for the 2004 Athens Games.

Therefore, the Nike CHAMP PACK featured gold, silver, and bronze versions of the Dunk, AF1,  and Air Max 95 respectively. 

This special Nike limited edition shoe box came in the form of a GIGANTIC golden clamshell. The release was limited to 777 units worldwide.


Michael Lau Nike_ BlazerAlso, there’s the Michael Lau x Nike collaboration in celebration of BMX’s inclusion in the Beijing Olympic Games. 

So, Nike and Hong Kong toy designer, Michael Lau, worked together on a Nike Blazer and Dunk sneakers. But, 106 limited-run Blazer SBs came in a Nike limited edition shoe box. A mud-cake vinyl box. Now, this might not be the most aesthetically pleasing shoe box there is… But, you gotta admit, it is pretty cool. Plus, it brought a lot of hype into the Asian sneaker market!

Also, each box came with an exclusive Lau-designed vinyl figure of a Chinese BMX rider. And, of course, his trusty steed!


Nike_Clot Air Force 1 SupremeAnd then, there’s the 1WORLD project of the CLOT x Nike Air Force 1 x Supreme (2011) release. This release took inspiration from Chinese tradition which explains the Red Royale silk fabric tearaway uppers. Once you tear the silk uppers away, the sneakers featured dark brown leather.

However, we’re here for the Nike limited edition special shoe box!

This release came in a candy box-style shoe box in a hexagon shape with a segmented tray of laces. The release includes 6 extra sets of shoe laces in different colors. Giving off complete Kung Fu Panda vibes, if you ask us. But, this is definitely a collector’s choice for sneaker boxes! Check out Nike’s latest CLOT release here!

NIKE MAG (2011)

Nike Mag - Limited Edition Shoe BoxFinally, the last release on our list of Nike limited edition shoe boxes is none other than the Nike Mag! This sneaker made its on-screen debut in the 1989 movie, Back to the Future Part II. But, no one thought that this movie-inspired sneaker would come to life!

In 2011, we finally had a chance to cop Marty McFly’s sneakers! Nike dropped the ultra-tech high-top in an eBay auction to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation. But, what really caught our eye was the sneaker packaging!

Each pair came in a yellow, magnet-sealed flip-top box fashioned after the plutonium containment chamber from the movie. They also came with chargers to power up the shoe’s internal batteries. Plus, a metal license plate, a DVD with a product announcement video, and a Back to the Future trailer. Definitely a monumental moment in sneaker history!