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Nike Market Share: An Unparalleled Market Dominance [2023]

By June 5, 2023Food for thought, Nike

AIO - Nike Market ShareIn a world where Nike rules the sneaker industry, it’s only normal to ask: what is Nike’s market share? You see, we can’t deny that Adidas also makes one massive force in the sneaker industry. In fact, the Adidas vs. Nike battle has been going on for ages now. But what we can’t also deny, is the fact that it would take ages for Adidas to come an inch close to crushing Nike. Because if you take a look at the books, you’d notice that the Nike market share stands out like no other sneaker brand out there. 

And this by itself seals the deal for us! Whether it’s the top global sneaker brand, the top sneakers worldwide, or the top sneaker brand and sneaker in the U.S., you’ll always see Nike dominating the foot chain – pun intended. And if truth be told, it would’ve only been normal that the Nike market share and sales skyrocketed after Adidas terminated their Yeezy partnership with Ye. 

Now, although the Three Stripes have come up with a plan- sell the remaining Yeezy stock– to save the brand from crumbling even more, how much will it help them stay on the top? We mean, Yeezys will eventually run out. What happens then? What collab or business plan does the company have for the future? Well, THAT no one knows.

But it looks like they’re taking it step-by-step. So, why don’t we do that, as well, and see what happens? And while we do that, let’s focus on the brand that’s giving sneakerheads the best collaborations and drops out there! 

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Nike Market Share 2023

So, the sneaker industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. It expanded to the point where it now has a subcategory of its own: the sneaker reselling market. Sneakerheads have been joining this market for ages now. And as a result, adding to sneaker releases’ hype even more. 

Now, according to a report posted by Statista on December 12th, 2022, Nike market share was predicted to remain steady at around 27.4% up until 2025. However, things took a huge turn when Yeezys disappeared from the market. Because another report by shows that Nike holds 38.23% of the total market share. In other words, Nike saw an opportunity and seized it. 

And well, spending nearly 3.85 billion U.S. dollars on advertising and promotions gotta pay off one way or the other. And paying off, it surely did! Nike’s worldwide revenue in 2022 alone, amounted to $46,710 BILLION. Which is an over two billion dollars increase compared to the previous year’s revenue: $44,538 BILLION.

Nike vs Adidas Market Share

Nike Market Share 2023So, if you don’t get how significant it is to dominate nearly 30% of the market of one industry, let’s do a little comparison. It’s worth noting that there are hundreds of sneaker brands out there. Some made it up the food chain, others are still barely known as the corner store beside Footlocker, while the remaining, although epic, but still so underrated. 

Therefore, if we compare the two sneaker giants’ market share, you’d get an idea of how much of a great force Nike is in the industry. So, we agreed that the Nike market share amounts to a minimum of 27.4%. Which is nearly double the Adidas market share percentage, 15.6%

Nike Revenue Compared to Competitors

Nike Competitors RevenueStatista shows that Nike’s revenues increased from €13.44 Billion in 2006 to €42.65 Billion in 2022. That’s a €29.21 Billion increase in the course of 16 years. But that’s not the whole point. The point is to compare Nike’s progress to their two biggest competitors: Adidas and Puma

In 2006, Adidas had  €10.88 Billion worth of revenues. But unlike Nike, this revenue approximately increased by €12 Billion to reach €22.51 Billion in 2022. But you know, we can’t deny the fact that Nike had the edge and were in a better position due to their Jordan Brand collab

Last but not least, when we compare either Nike market share or revenues, to Puma’s, they wouldn’t exactly stand out. But we got to give Puma some credit. They really did climb up the social ladder one step at a time, and they now became categorized among the most popular sneaker brands in the world. So, Puma started with €2.76 Billion worth of revenues in 2006, till they reached  €8.47 Billion in 2022. 

Want in on the Game? 

The sneaker industry sounds like one that can make you some good money, doesn’t it? It’s actually been making resellers tons of money. You just have to learn the ropes, and sneaker flipping would be your favorite side hustle. And if you don’t know where to start, we got you!

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