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Nike Cuts Production of Classic Sneakers! What You Need to Know

By March 29, 2024Nike, Sneaker News

AIO Bot - Nike Reduces Production Of Classics - Nike Makes Less Air Force 1sIf anything, Adidas Yeezys proved the hard way how fast change can occur in the sneaker industry. One day, you’d be anticipating next month’s releases. The second you’d be trying to catch what remains of the final stock. The sneaker business is competitive, especially with new sneaker brands innovating nonstop to make it to the top. Nevertheless, you’d think that no fast pace can overrun the market’s giant. But this week proved otherwise! Nike officially announced their decision to reduce the production of classic sneakers, including Air Force 1s. This begs the question: what motives are driving Nike’s decision, and how does this affect the brand’s classic line? 

Nike Reducing Production of Air Force 1 and Pegasus

Even though Nike’s revenue exceeded Wall Street estimates, rising sneaker brands have been able to draw back customers from the Swoosh. Put differently, the rising demand for newer brands, such as On and Decker’s Hoka has been able to take away market share from Nike

So, with this in mind, Nike decided it was time to reduce Air Force 1 production. Along with Pegasus running shoes, that is. According to Nike’s CFO, this strategy will help the company shift focus to new and innovative designs to shift the product portfolio

However, this isn’t the only reason Nike took such a decision. Just like the Panda Dunks, the market has become oversaturated with these classic kicks. Meaning that, the ‘hype’ is kind of dead. If you head to any sneaker news site, you’ll see that the most anticipated sneaker releases have nothing to do with either AF1 or Pegasus kicks. Nike Reduces Production Of Classic Shoes - Nike Is Cutting Back On Air Force 1 ProductionMoreover, a significant catalyst for such a decision may stem from retailers drastically cutting prices on Nike sneakers like never before. And as you may know, the Swoosh stuffing the market serves no good. As the brand has an image to keep. And charging premium prices plays a great part in maintaining said image. 

How Will This Affect You As A Consumer?

All in all, as part of Nike’s restructuring plan, consumers will be fewer Air Force 1s, but more new models. Which, logically speaking, will drive the hype up for these classic sneakers. Because as you may know, hypebeasts live on rarity, since it’s the main driver for resale values. 

So, if there’s one key takeaway from all this, it’s that NOW is the best time to dive headfirst into the sneaker reselling game! But, technically, reselling can’t happen if you don’t learn how sneaker botting works. So, for a full CHEAT SHEET on how to cop sneakers at retail on release day, click on the button below!