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Nike Retailer Rules for Releasing Sneakers LEAKED [2023]

By March 11, 2023Nike

Nike Retailer Rules - AIO BotThe Nike retailer rules got LEAKED and we’re honestly living for the drama 🔥 You see, when we said that the year 2023 is going to be full of heat, action, and pure Dramarama… we were NOT kidding. But, then again, you know that we live for the drama in this game!

So, as millennials trying to survive, we thrive on all kinds of drama. Keeping Up with the Kardashians WHO? We’re a generation full of pop culture scandals and shading; #TeamSelena. We’re in the era of Kontroversial Kanye and the very messy, very PUBLIC Adidas x Kanye feud. AND, at the same time, we’re the people spreading rumors of them getting back together! The sneaker industry is full of these types of stuff that keep us on our toes boxes! Thank the sneaker lords that we know how to fix creased toe boxes.

However, despite all the Nike Dramarama, the latest leaking of the Nike retailer rules has got us SEETHING. Of course, if you’re not a sneaker reseller or someone who uses sneaker bots, this is not for you! But, we doubt there’s anyone in the sneaker industry who’s NOT botting in 2023.


Nike Retailer Rules 2023 - AIO BotNow, what do we really mean by the Nike retailer rules? Well, Nike has a set of rules for retailers who sell Nike and Air Jordan sneakers in North America. These rules dictate HOW retailers are allowed to release sneakers – naturally, these rules are confidential.

Well, not now they aren’t.

The latest update in Nike’s policies isn’t all too unusual. However, what WE found unusual was part of a statement in the policy that reads:
“Nike and its [marketplace partners] must distribute launch product through an orderly process that avoids marketplace disruption, inventory diversion, and reseller profiteering

Reseller profiteering?

That’s US! So, Nike has a personal vendetta against sneaker resellers and botters – which is rich considering Nike accidentally STARTED botting. Apparently several of the guidelines in the Nike retailer rules are specific requirements against resellers and botting. We honestly feel personally attacked at this point. Let’s get into the exact rules.

NOTE: the Nike retailer rules apply to high heat releases – aka, sneakers that are “particularly scarce or highly coveted by consumers”


First Come, First Serve (FCFS) High heat releases should NOT use the FCFS basis UNLESS they can’t host a random drawing. Plus, the store should be able to do it in “an orderly manner”
Raffles, Raffles, and RAFFLES Either through online or in-store sneaker raffles with a set time (no less than 1 hour). Entries are limited to 1 entry per customer and stores CAN’T charge for entries
Stores Have to Limit How Much Customers Buy For high heat releases like the upcoming CLOT x Fragment x Nike Dunk, stores have to limit units per customer: one sale per customer
Retailers Can NOT Use Sneakers as Prizes Stores can not use Nike sneakers as prizes or gifts for promotions or contests unless approved by Nike
Stores Are NOT Allowed to Sell to Resellers Of all the Nike retailer rules, this is the one that sucks the most! Retailers are literally PROHIBITED to sell to resellers. But, how are they supposed to weed out resellers? No one knows.
Anti-Bot Protection Online stores selling Nike products should have “reasonable” anti-bot measures. Big whoop. We’re still botting.

Basically, these are the main Nike retailer rules that matter to us as sneakerheads and resellers. Other rules include details on Nike collaborations with retailers and how to avoid fraudulent entries. They also offer strict guidelines on when to launch and how to store the sneakers. Also, they are not allowed to promote or market the launch more than 14 days before the release date.
*NOT before 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT on the item’s release date.

What happens if a store breaks the Nike retailer rules?

Failure to comply with the Nike retailer rules could result in Nike canceling or adjusting orders, or managing product allocations. OR, Nike could completely close the retailer’s account.  

That’s all there is on the Swoosh’s leaked document for the updated policies in 2023. Now, here’s what we think… Nike’s trying to push resellers out of the game with this move. However, looking at the history of the reselling market, there’s so much more they could do to stop resellers. So, this makes you stop and wonder:

Does Nike really want to stop reselling and botting? Or, is this all for show? You decide.

But seriously, are you ACTUALLY still not botting in 2023?

If you’re legit not using sneaker bots to buy sneakers online, we’re actually concerned about you. It’s the year 2023, people. If you had doubts about whether you need a bot or not before, things are different now. In fact, the leaking of the Nike retailer rules only proves the need for sneaker bots more than ever. There are a lot of events that happened that changed the dynamics of the game!

All of this made the Nike and Air Jordan sneakers the #1 target for every sneakerhead in the game. So, this means we’re talking about the Nike SNKRS app and Nike SNKRS releases. And everyone already knows that these types of releases are IMPOSSIBLE without a sneaker bot. Add to that the increased demand for Nike and Air Jordan post-Yeezy to the mix! And you’ve got yourself the PERFECT dilemma.

One that you can’t solve without a bot.


As always, we’re going to take this moment for an absolutely shameless plug! Since we’re on the topic of botting, you might think that Nike release = Nike bot. Which, to some extent, is true! But, what if you could have it all – the full sneaker botting package? A true all-in-one bot that cop Nike and every other sneaker site out there? A bot whose sneaker success over the years speaks for itself AND is also affordable AF.

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