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Nike Sacai Anticipates a Summer Drop for the Vapor Waffle!

By July 28, 2020August 5th, 2020Nike, Sneakers

NIKE SACAI AIO FEATBefore we dip into the genius of Chitose Abe, it’s important we pronounce her brand right. Native speakers and English-oriented minds are likely to pronounce it as “Sak-Eye.” But that’s not how the Japanese say it. It’s actually “Suh-Ka-E.” Imagine the word “sky” in a Japanese accent and you’re there. Fun related fact: did you know that Abe’s husband Junichi is the founder and designer of Kolor. Sky color. Put them together and that’s what you’ll get. The universe makes no mistakes, people. Chitose Abe’s Sacai is known for its technical perfection. Although she claims to follow her “creative instincts.” And Kolor is a picture-inspired brand, similar to JJJJound in concept. We predicted that the ugly dad shoe trend will take 2020 in storm. And the Nike Sacai collaboration is delivering it. 

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Nike Sacai Feeds Resale Waffles

Nike Sacai LDWaffle colorways dropped in September 2019. And resale sure has a waffle appetite. The Blue Multicolor is reselling the highest for an average value of $597. So, is the upcoming VaporWaffle the next best thing? It’s a more complicated take on running shoes, that’s for sure. And it’s got a circular front. In contrast to the pointy tip of the LDWaffles. The netting system is relentless on the sides. And cream suedes dominate the frontal toe area. Two Swooshes are one on top of the other. The larger one is spray-painted in style. And the smaller one in red leather. 

Splitsies on the Waffle Heel?!

The sneaker’s upper has suede interacting with netting grids in overall pastel. With red and black pops for contrast. But the heel area is where it gets interesting. Because that is where the former Comme Des Garcon employee perfects her brand’s technicality. Unlike the LDWaffle with its pop-out heel, the VaporWaffle’s heel is split open! As a two-part extension that steals the hype. In addition to the central colorway, 3 others are expected to drop. With black, yellow, and sport fuchsia as the base colorways of each respectively. Initially set for Fall 2020, this Nike Sacai collaboration is anticipated for summer instead! For $180 each on retail.

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