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Nike SB Dunk Low “Panda Pigeon” Sample Is Releasing Soon

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  • January 9, 2019
panda pigeon nike sb dunks

If you missed out on the Lobster Dunks and Diamond Dunks, there’s another chance to get your fix of Nike SB Dunks. This January, add the Panda Pigeon to your Nike SB Dunk collection.

A Backstory of the Panda Pigeon

Today, platforms are becoming increasingly interactive with consumers at such a personal level. From home, you can decide what topic a YouTuber talks about in their next upload. You can partake in a vote for your favorite Instagram influencer’s next purchase. You can decide what happens next in Netflix’s Bandersnatch. Similarly, this is a release that showcases the impact of social media on today’s sneaker industry.


None of this would have been possible without the aid of the social media outlet that we all love and adore, Instagram. When Jeff Staple, of Extra Butter and Staple Pigeon, moved with his team to a new office, he started posting some of the random items he was unboxing. One of these items was an unreleased sample of Nike SB Dunks, the Panda Pigeon.

People went crazy over them and demanded they release. And according to Staple, Nike even called him telling him to take the photo down because they want to do something with that sample. As soon as the photo was deleted, people were even more enticed to learn about the Panda Pigeon, until just recently we find out that the sample, or should we say S[T]AMPLE, will finally release.


Nike SB Dunk Panda Pigeon

What’s black, white, likes to eat bamboo, and is a master of Kung Fu? Well, the Panda Pigeon might not be perfect for Kung Fu, but it sure is black and white with bamboo green accents.

Combining the Panda and the Pigeon, this drop is an ode to Staple’s Chinese origin. Hence, the Panda theme serves as a symbol of China. While the embroidered pigeon on the heel represents New York City.

Facts: The NYC Pigeon Dunks are one of the most renowned and limited sneakers of the Nike SB Dunks. Only 150 pairs released back in 2005, and today their average resale price via StockX is $9,600 USD.

The Panda Pigeon will not be as limited as the NYC Pigeon Dunks, but you can sure bet they’ll have a decent resale price. Especially the pairs that come with the special wooden box.

Release Info

Taking to Instagram yet again, Jeff Staple shared the release information for the latest Nike SB Dunks. Just now, the pre-orders have been canceled. While most of the drops are in-store, you can use a Nike bot on January 15, 2019.

The ANB Nike Bot will come in handy to get the sneaker through SNKRS app. You can add an unlimited amount of accounts to the bot and maximize your chances at actually getting a pair.

In addition, you can give yourself an extra boost by taking advantage of AIO Bot’s custom Shopify feature. There you can add StaplePigeon and try to cop on the website on January 24, 2019.

  • Nike SNKRS release: January 15, 2019
  • StaplePigeon release: January 24, 2019
  • Retail Price: $110 USD

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