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Nike SB Orange Label: Paying Tribute to the Skateboard Culture

By June 19, 2023Food for thought, Nike

AIO - Nike SB Orange Label2002 marked a pivotal moment in Nike’s evolution. It was the year the brand gave rise to the Nike SB Dunks, which served as one of the significant peaks in Nike’s history. But Nike being Nike upped the game even more and introduced the Nike SB Orange Label line in 2019. 

Introducing Orange Label drops literally pushed the brand to new heights. Nike understood the assignment perfectly. Because just like basketball-specific sneakers, skateboarding shoes need to have special kinds of materials and specifications. And special is exactly what Nike served! That’s one thing that explains the boost Nike’s market shares witness by the year. So, let’s see what Nike Orange Label is all about.  

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What is Nike SB Orange Label?

So, you can think of the Nike SB Orange Label as a sub-category or a special collection of the Nike SB lineup. A collection specifically made to fit the tastes of skateboarders. Matter of fact, Orange Label sneakers are the result of Nike’s collaborations with skate shops. 

According to NikeSB, “Orange Label’s skate shop exclusives are our way of saying “Thank You” to the shops that inspire generation after generation to go out and skate every day.” 

Not to mention, Nike SB Orange Label sneakers are always on sneakerheads and sneaker collectors’ to-cop lists. Because not only do they make an epic flex, but their resale value makes one consider leaving their 9 to 5 and turning the sneaker-copping side hustle into a full-on job. 

Now, do you all know how limited SB Dunks drops are? Well, Nike Orange Label drops are even more limited. And what differentiates them from other SB Dunks drops is the premium quality materials and the design approach. While SB Dunks might feature bold colors and creative designs, such as the upcoming Born X Raised Dunks, Nike SB Orange Label sneakers feature more understated color schemes and a refined design approach. You can also tell Nike SB Orange Label products by the “Iso” label that comes with the product name. 

It’s also worth noting that, the Nike SB Orange Label line pays special attention to maintaining sustainability. Now that’s no news when it comes to Nike. The brand has always supported and worked towards developing eco-friendly products and making use of recycled materials. So, it is only normal to give the Nike Orange Label collection the same treatment. 

Nike SB Orange Label Models 

You got to know that Nike SB Orange Label collections aren’t only exclusive to the U.S. On the contrary, said skate shops are scattered all over the world. There are nearly 40 of them. You can check this map – here! It shows the locations of all skateshops that offer Nike SB Orange Label collections. If you’re in to visit the nearest shop, that is. 

Now, if you take a look at the ongoing collections of the Nike Orange Label models that drop seasonally, there’s a very slim chance you’d turn down visiting those skateshops. They’re part of collaborations with real-time professional skaters, after all. But it isn’t the visiting part you should be worried about in this case. That’s an easy one. But what ain’t easy is getting ahold of new Nike SB Orange Label collections. 

So, you either got to have strong connections in the industry to catch Orange Label sneakers, directly from the shop. Or you develop one good copping strategy to accomplish that. Because as you may know, those collections also drop on the Nike SNKRS app. So, if you want a 101 guide on how to catch such limited kicks FOR RETAIL on release day, click on the button below!Regarding sneaker models, there are various silhouettes that fit different tastes. But one common thing about them, they’re all epic. And you can consider yourself lucky if you managed to get your hand on any pair. All in all, the three main Nike SB Orange Label sneakers are Blazer, Bruin, and Dunk. You can check some of the designs here.