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Nike SNKRS Accounts: Your Ticket to Scoring Ws on SNKRS App!

By June 17, 2023June 20th, 2023Bot, Sneaker botting

What Are Nike SNKRS Accounts AIOSucks when the Swoosh doesn’t select your entries to Nike SNKRS draws and you take the L, doesn’t it? We understand. That’s basically why many serious sneakerheads and aspiring sneaker resellers get Nike bots to help out. But a Nike bot on its own is ALMOST as helpful as you trying to manually enter the same draw multiple times… unhelpful at all. So, we’re gonna check out where Nike SNKRS accounts factor into all of this. Read on to get all the answers you need to ace your next Nike SNKRS drop!


What Are Nike SNKRS Accounts?

If you’re familiar with the workings of the Nike SNKRS app, then you know that it ain’t a walk in the park. The hottest releases usually drop in the form of a draw. And if you wanna take part in that draw, you’ll need a Nike account. So, when you download the app, all you have to do is sign up and fill out the form with your info. Add your address, email, phone number, etc… And signing up is free, so there’s that.

How to Create Multiple Nike SNKRS Accounts?

According to Nike, the goal of Nike SNKRS accounts is to provide an even playing field. That way, everyone has the same chance to buy the kicks. Now, the logic goes that if you want more chances, you should create more Nike accounts, right? Right. BUT, that’s not as easy as it sounds since you should verify your account through a text message. But well, people are always looking for ways to be a step ahead, hence Nike SNKRS accounts providers!

Before we get into where you can get your accounts, here are some handy account-testing tips:

  • Test your accounts every 2-3 months
  • Log into your chosen account randomly and MANUALLY
  • Don’t use bots when testing your Nike SNKRS accounts
  • Don’t test all accounts on the same IP address (Hello? VPNs?)

Now, let’s check out the BEST Nike SNKRS account providers!

Best Providers of Nike Accounts!

Boro IncBoro Nike SNKRS Accounts AIO Bot

One of the very best Nike SNKRS accounts providers out there! It’s been consistently good for the last couple of years, so you won’t miss with Boro accounts. In addition to their reliability, the Nike accounts will cost you $1.5 per account. Keep in mind that you’ll need about 100 accounts for a normal release, and double that with hype drops. Oh, you can also buy Adidas and Amazon accounts there!

Vex Automations AIO BotVex Automations

Another good and reliable provider is Vex. It also collaborated with Valor and Wrath bots, which kinda solidifies Vex’s good rep in the sneaker botting industry. The only drawback here is that the cheapest account will cost you $2. Meanwhile, your two other options will cost $4 or $4.75+. But then again, if you got the money for it, go for it! Oh and finally, Vex also sells its own proxies. So if you’re ever in need of those, you can check them out.

Jannnounts AIO Bot


If you want that sweet sweet middle ground, Jannnounts can provide you with it. There you can find Nike SNKRS accounts that fit within every budget. From $1.5 o $4 per account, you can always mix and match or stick to one bundle. Just make sure you know what you need before drop day!