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How Does the Nike SNKRS App Work? Get the Simplified Guide Here!

By November 13, 2021Bot, Nike

How to Use the Nike SNKRS App - AIO BotA few years ago, in 2015, the Swoosh launched the Nike SNKRS App in a brave attempt to beat bots. They might also have been a little jealous of the Adidas CONFIRMED app that launched a little while before Nike’s app.

Regardless, the app launched, it has exclusive access releases, and we want in on that. This is why it’s absolutely crucial that you understand the ins and outs of this application to WIN! Therefore, we’ve come up with the best simplified guide on everything related to the Nike SNKRS App and even BOTS! Find out more!


Nike SNKRS App - Download - AIO BotThe Nike SNKRS App allows iOS and Android users to follow sneaker releases from the Swoosh. Everything from Off-Whites to Jordans to SBs and more. You can purchase all the sneakers you want on-the-go with real-time tracking information. Nike uses it to release its most coveted and exclusive sneakers ever!

– The NIKE APP: The Nike App is an extension of and offers the same footwear and accessories. It also offers exclusive Nike Member Rewards and Member-only access to unique products and guidance from Nike Experts.
NIKE SNKRS APP: The app is your go-to spot for super exclusive new sneaker releases with behind-the-scenes stories. 


Nike_SNKRS - GOT'EM - AIO BotThe Nike SNKRS App uses a drawing system (like a sneaker raffle). The draw gives you a chance to reserve some of the most coveted Nike sneakers ever! But, to become a part of this experience, you’re going to need a few things!

– You need to be a Nike Member. Click here to get a Nike Membership!
– Download the Nike SNKRS app and turn on notifications
– Follow @nikestore on Twitter

– When a draw goes live, @nikestore tweets a link to the shoes on the Nike SNKRS. Or,  you get a notification straight on your app
– You click on the link or notification to access the draw
– Make sure you’re signed into your Nike Member profile
– You’ll get a countdown clock to show you how much time you have left to join the draw
– Select the shoe (or shoes) you want including your Jordan size or Nike size
– You also have to make sure you have a payment method set to pre-authorize your purchase. If you do not win the draw, you will not be charged
– Once the countdown expires, you’ll receive email purchase information and order confirmation (if you win) within 24 hours


Nike_SNKRS - Guide - AIO BotThe Swoosh might just be one of the smartest sneaker brands ever! You see, to make things even more exclusive, Nike uses three different types of releases. Yeah, not all releases are the same. It all depends on the hype-level of the shoe that’s dropping. So, make sure you know what type of release you’re going up against!

A FLOW release uses the “first come, first serve” (FCFS) type of strategy. Pretty straight forward and self-explanatory. This type of release is not very common and they usually use it for surprise restocks.

LEO releases are the most common type of releases on the Nike SNKRS app. It’s basically a mashup between FLOW and a raffle. Nike randomly picks from the first accounts that entered the draws – depends on stock for the size you choose. LEO picks winners from at the 2 minute entry line.

With a DAN release, you get 10 to 30 minutes to enter accounts and it uses a raffle-like method to pick winners. The Nike SNKRS app uses this type of release for the most limited sneaker releases! With DAN, the more accounts you enter, the more chances you have to win!


Just like they created the Nike SNKRS app to go around sneaker bots, the botters themselves found a loophole. Nike Bots. They are the best way to increase your chances of winning on SNKRS. You can also always opt for bots that do even more that that and have a win-win kinda situation. Pair that shit with the right type of proxies and you’ll have an unbeatable force of sneaker nature! Click on the button below to find the bot for you!


Another way to increase your SNKRS copping chances even more would be owning multiple Nike accounts. This way you can put multiple entries into a draw and manually increase your odds of winning the raffles! But, this is most definitely not guaranteed and relies more on luck than anything honestly.


Nike_Jordan Sneakers - AIO BotIf we get selected in the draw can we back out?
Once you join a draw you are instantly agreeing to buy the shoes if you are chosen. If you don’t want them after, then you can return them for FREE!

What is Nike SNKRS App Exclusive Access?
Exclusive Access is a feature that Nike allows certain members to access limited-window opportunities on exclusive releases. You get personalized access to the most coveted releases and it depends on how active you are on the platform. You get to participate in polls, enter launches, and engage in SNKRS Live sessions. Invitation only.

Can we change the sneaker size after winning a draw?
No. Once you’ve submitted your size at the point of entering the draw, you can not change it. So, make sure you choose right. Check out this Jordan size guide and Nike Dunk size guide for reference.

How many times can we join per draw?
On the Nike SNKRS app and Nike SNKRS  you can join once per draw per sneaker model. But, you can enter as many different draws at the same time! Or you can use multiple accounts with proxies, then the sky’s the limit!

What happens if we don’t win the draw?
If you don’t win the draw, you don’t win the shoe. Simple. 

Do you have to pay to enter the draw?
To enter the draw, all you have to do is have a Nike Membership which is free!

That’s literally EVERYTHING you need to know about the Nike SNKRS app. Now, you can confidently join the ranks of Swoosh rafflers and maybe even win! Finally, with the right bot and a little bit of luck, you’ll cop yourself all the Nike heat you want!