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Nike x Palace Collab: Has Adidas Lost Yet Another One to Nike?

By July 10, 2024News, Nike

AIO Bot - Nike-x-Palace - Nike Palace Collab Is it in the air or something? Man, you’d think with such epic news for Nike, their stock price would be flying over the clouds. But NO, Nike’s stock price happens to be tumbling over at the moment. But, maybe it’s the future plan the brand is working on, right now? A remedy, maybe? For one, rumor has it that a Nike x Palace is in order for 2026. 

Also, not a while back, the German Football Association announced their switch to Adidas’ biggest rival, Nike! And that, fam, is how you lose two of your strongest partners in one year. Not counting Yeezy, of course. That’s a whole story on its own. This said, let’s see what the potential Nike Palace collab is all about, shall we?

What is Palace Skateboards? 

Established in 2009 by Lev Tanju and Gareth Skewis in the UK, Palace Skateboards is a skateboarding and clothing brand. Over the years, the brand gained quite a reputation in the streetwear industry, till it became an alternative to Supreme for those looking for similar hype drops. Over the years, the brand has collaborated with various artists and brands.

Also, in 2014, Palace joined forces with the Three Stripes. Together, they released some of the most hype drops in the industry. But it seems that Palace is ready to broaden its horizons and take the game up a notch by joining the Swoosh in a Nike x Palace collab!

Nike x Palace Collaboration 

Palace x Nike 2026 Collab - AIO Bot So again, rumor has it a Nike x Palace might just be in the works… but, how accurate can such news be? Well, up till now neither brand has yet confirmed the news. But, you know what they say? There’s no smoke without fire. 

Thing is, Palace’s partnership with the Three Stripes will come to an end next year. But, you’d expect that with such successful drops between the duo, they’d renew the deal. Take their Palace Pro sneaker from 2015 as an example. It retailed at $130, but is now reselling at $341 on average on the resale market

Their apparel line is also just as hyped. Together they managed to create some of the most coveted items that would sell out in minutes. So, what exactly can Palace’s plan to switch to Nike add to its list of advantages? 

What Can Palace Gain From the Switch to Nike? 

Well, simply put, if Nike is one of the most popular sneaker brands, Nike is THE most popular sneaker brand in the world. Meaning, in terms of reach, Palace has more potential to grow its presence in the fashion world if it collaborates with the Swoosh. Because, for one, Nike owns more than double the market share Adidas has. 

Also, in terms of global Google search volume, Nike beats Adidas in very long shots. According to current data, Nike has 26.5 Million global search volume every month, while Adidas’ monthly global search volume is 16.8 Million. In addition, Nike’s SB line has been on literal fire these past few years. So, that’s a plus for Palace, being a skateboarding company and all that…

This being said, keep it locked to our blog to get the latest updates on the Nike x Palace topic. As for now, if you’re ready to make tons of money reselling hyped kicks, click here for a full list of the best Air Jordans to sell in 2024!