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The Story of the Off White Zip Tie… WHY?

By June 10, 2024Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Off White Zip TieOff White sneakers are so unique that we can identify them from miles away. And that’s all thanks to Virgil Abloh’s signature Off White zip tie attached to them. But, have you ever wondered about the significance of these zip ties and why Abloh decided to incorporate them into his sneaker designs? Let’s find that out together, shall we?

When Did It All Start? 

If Kanye West is a marketing genius, the late Virgil Abloh was a design genius. Who would’ve thought a zip-tie on a sneaker would look so good to be flexed? However, one thing you should know, despite the fact that Abloh founded Off White in 2012, it wasn’t until 2016 that Abloh first introduced the Off White zip tie in red to his sneakers. 

However, it wasn’t this easy for the designer. His trademark application for the zip ties was denied multiple times. One of the main reasons for that is that these ties are basically utility items and the red color was “not inherently distinctive.” This case dragged out until the application finally got accepted in 2022. Yes, SIX full years of back and forth. Talk about persistence! 

Off White Zip Ties Explained - AIO Bot What Purpose Does the Off White Zip Tie Serve?

Okay, so the brand fought for the trademark of the Off White zip ties. But what exactly is the purpose of it? And what are the reasons it’s there in the first place? 

Well, you won’t be hearing any special or touching stories about this one. The zip tie is there solely for aesthetic purposes. Abloh wanted to add a unique sneaker accessory and an artistic touch to his designs, and he achieved that by simply adding zip ties.  

Can Zip Ties Affect Resell Value? 

Interestingly, Abloh originally intended for buyers to remove the Off White zip tie before wearing the sneakers. In a post on social media, Off White explained that buyers were supposed to cut off the tie before rocking the kicks. But, as they say, rules are meant to be broken. And it became up to your personal preference whether you want to keep it or cut it off. 

Our advice? NEVER EVER cut it off! Because, as you may know, once it’s off, you can’t attach it again. And this way, you’d have lost sh*t tons of profits. You see, cutting off Off White sneakers’ zip ties leads to a dramatic fall in the sneaker’s resale prices. And no one wants in on missed opportunities… and missed cash! 

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