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Original Air Jordan 1 Collection Auction Starting at $150K

By April 11, 2023Jordan, Nike

Original Air Jordan 1 Auction - AIO BotThe story of Air Jordan is one that is a story that has shaped sneaker history as we know it. And, it continues to shape the way the sneaker industry and the culture evolve. Air Jordan history is an integral part of Nike’s history starting with their collaboration in 1985. This is THE Nike collaboration that made the charts for the Swoosh and for AIR technology. And, this is a story that doesn’t seem to have an ending. We’re always reminded of the epic history that is Air Jordan through all the retro Jordans and re-releases! And now, we’re getting another blast from the past with a special auction. An auction of an original Air Jordan 1 collection from 1985!

Nike and Michael Jordan started their journey in 1985. If you’re one of the OG sneakerheads from that time, you’ll remember the most iconic Nike ad from that time. The Air Jordan 1 BANNED commercial introduced the concept of bending the rules, and just doing it! This paved the way for the start of a legendary collaboration between the pair. One that has proved to be long-term and sustainable… unlike Nike’s collaboration with Kanye West.

Yes, we’re throwing shade

So, the auction of an original Air Jordan 1 collection from 1985 is very exciting – to say the least. But, you can imagine the price tags that these Jordans hold. Sneaker inflation can’t even fathom the strength and hype of the originals. eBay is hosting one of the most special Shop even and pop-ups in Chicago. They’re obviously into pop-ups now with their latest Wear ‘Em Out and Swap ‘Em Out stores. But, this is a whole other level!



eBay’s original Air Jordan 1 auction contains a whole lot of retros in the lineup. But, we’re pretty sure that everyone in the world has their eyes on the 1s! The seller, solebriety101, has listed 20 pairs of original Jordans. These range from low-top Js and AJKO releases all from the year 1985, ready to be auctioned off.

So, the starting price for the original Air Jordan 1 collection is $150,000 with a shipping fee of $15. Now, that $15 reminds us of our attempt to survive the impending inflation. But, then again, we gotta have the $150K before we worry about the $15. There is also an undisclosed reserve price for the historic collection which we assume is MEGA major. As for the Jordan sizes in the listing, well they vary! Even the condition of the actual shoes varies which makes sense! They’re over 30 years old!

However, apparently, some of the original Air Jordan 1 shoes come with their original tags. And, maybe even their original Jordan shoe box! This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of Air Jordan history.

Each pair of the original Air Jordan 1 collection will be available via the official eBay listing. The auction will close on April 15th. So, if you’re a rich-ass sneakerhead with a lot of money, make sure to check it out before it’s too late!