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What is Otherdeed for Otherside NFT? The Largest Metaverse!

By August 25, 2022NFTs

Otherdeed for Otherside NFT Review - AIO BotThe Bored Ape Yacht Club collection truly had one of those unicorn success stories you only see in fairytales. But, they’ve still got a lot to look forward to and so much more projects to come. And this includes Yuga Lab’s beta vision of the largest metaverse in existence: the Otherside NFT. 

After the most recent market decline, founders and creators had to find ways to maintain their communities. Yuga Lab’s method of doing so was by developing an NFT gaming platform to keep warm through this crypto winter. Not only are they offering user’s a crypto universe, they’re also changing the rules of web3 ownership

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In mid-July, the Yuga community launched their first demo of the Otherside in what they called the “First Trip”. This included 4,500 members logged on simultaneously in an hour-long scripted demo of multicolored robot avatars. The entire experience was guided by a giant Bored Ape – Curtis – that showcased the first taste of the platform. The entire experience was similar to virtual worlds like Roblox or Horizon Worlds. 

Users of the Otherside NFT will be able to build on virtual land and take part in trading as well. But, on a whole new level with a vibe like Fortnite or Fall Guys!

Bored Apes co-founder Gordon Goner says their team is developing the best metaverse possible. “We can build a city where thousands of people interact — this is like the level of Grand Theft Auto but in real-time with real players,” says Goner. So, how does this new virtual reality work? Keep reading to find out.

What is the Otherside NFT?

BAYC The Otherside NFT Review - AIO BotYuga Labs announced the Otherside NFT project in March of 2022 on Twitter. It is an expansion of the Bored Ape NFT world! It is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that holds up to 10,000 members at the same time. And it uses playable NFTs in its immersive, interactive virtual world. Holders of the Otherside lands are known as the Otherdeeds

The players work together to build a world through prototype builds, demos, and tests. Therefore, this makes it a mashup between Web 3.0 platforms and interactive gaming. In order to become a part of the Otherside, investors use the ApeCoin decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Also, since players will use playable NFTs, the project includes a lot of NFT collaborations. Like World of Women, Cool Cats, Meebits, and CryptToadz.

By doing so, creators of the Otherside NFT can open up to more diversity outside the circle of BAYC holders. PLUS, it will be an interoperable experience where users can move between metaverses. Basically, it’s an open-world game for all! 

Features & How it Works

Total Items
Total Owners
Current Floor Price
1.6 ETH
Etherscan Address

By visiting the Otherside NFT website, you’ll first be greeted by their creative trailer featuring the other side! You build on the Otherside, collect resources, and create all through your ownership of an Otherdeed. An Otherdeed for the Otherside enables you to claim a plot of land when the Otherside launches!

BAYC Otherdeed_Otherside - AIO BotThe different Otherdeed land types include things like:
– Coral reefs
– Castles surrounded by lava
– Imagined realities
– Biogenic swamps
– Chemical goo
– Rainbow atmos
– Cosmic dreams
– And, infinite expanse

There’s a total of 200,000 Otherdeeds for people to claim. The first 100,000 launched on April 30th, while the second 100,000 will be rewarded to Voyagers. These are people who hold Otherdeeds and contribute to building the Otherside. Naturally, people with Bored Apes or Mutants already have a claim to their Otherdeed. 


Kodas - The Otherside NFT - AIO BotAlso, every Otherdeed for the Otherside NFT comes in an array of different traits like:
– Environment
– Environment tier
– Sediment
– Sediment tier
– Resources (Northern, Easters, Southern, and Western)
– Artifacts
– And, Kodas

Kodas are a completely different series of NFT characters that are primal, mysterious beings. They are the most important part of the Otherside experience! Kodas are basically alien creatures that live in randomly in the Otherdeed lands. There are 10,000 Kodas in the initial 100,000 Otherdeeds. This means that the first 100K had a 1 in 10 chance of receiving a Koda upon purchase. 

All BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, and CryptoPunks holders will get their own Otherside 3D model NFT as playable characters. For other collections, users will be able to import and create their characters via ODK.

Yuga Labs has yet to announce all features of the Otherside NFT game and how it works. However, we’ve got a pretty solid idea so far. 

Kodas - The Otherside NFT - AIO Bot– It includes multiplayer features via Improbable M2 technology
– The Otherside NFT will include natural voice chat
– It will handle more than half a billion operations per second
– It has immersive gameplay supported by AI and physics
– Uses ApeCoin

Otherside NFT Mint & Future

BAYC The Otherside NFT Review - AIO BotThe initial cost of minting an Otherdeed for the Otherside NFT was 305 $APE, which was about $20 during mint. This means that, at launch, every Otherdeed costs around $6,100! This was during Yuga Lab’s suggested method for launching their collection. As opposed to using a Dutch auction, they decided to drop the collection in five+ waves.

The team outlined the mechanics as follows: “At the start of the sale (wave 1), there will be a limit of 2 Otherdeeds minted per wallet. As soon as gas returns to reasonable levels and the amount of wallets minting decelerates, wave 2 will begin, during which KYCed wallets can mint up to an additional 4 Otherdeeds. Each increase in the per-wallet limit will be announced on the Otherside official channels.”

But, this ultimately did not work, and it barely went past its second wave. Also, NFT gas prices reached upwards of 1 ETH, which was around $2,750 at the time. And, ever since then, they’ve been pushing on creating their very own network to mitigate $APE.

For now, we’ve still got a lot to expect from Yuga Lab’s Otherside NFT project and to create a larger community. They’re also planning on developing characters, skins, structures, in-game items, minigames, and so much more! So, make sure to stick around for more updates and NFT news!