Sneaker bots – an overview and why you cannot beat them

By April 21, 2016 July 30th, 2020 Sneakers

The world has drastically advanced technologically, but sometimes this advancement is not enough. The ability to shop online has eliminated many tedious tasks that some have found impossible such as waiting outside in a long line. The disappointment of waiting for nothing, and having to travel far in an attempt to get a pair. Sneakers, for example, are heavily sought after items that are produced by a multitude of beloved companies such as Nike, Supreme, and newcomer Yeezy Boost by Kanye West.
Again, the invention of the internet made it possible to shop anywhere and at anytime. However, like anything else that becomes too crowded, there is still a long wait that often ends with nothing. With all of this in mind, the invention of sneaker bots has truly changed the way the market works.

Sneaker botsSneaker bots have made it possible to search the internet and make purchases with little effort invested on your part. As previously mentioned, big name companies regularly release limited items. The explosion of excitement from those who anticipated these releases for weeks causes websites to crash and the whole concept is based on a first come, first serve basis. Sneaker bots tirelessly refresh dozens of pages to get the items you have wanted for weeks and here is how:

How to Setup Sneaker bots

  1. You fill in required fields such as your name, address, payment and shipping information, and shoe size and desired brands.
  2. Sneaker bots search the internet for relevant information.
  3. Often times, websites require entering in a CAPTCHA. Enter in the letters or numbers.
  4. As you are doing this, sneaker bots are opening and refreshing countless other pages with similar deals.
  5. Due to popularity and the large amounts of people accessing the same deals, the websites crash. Sneaker bots continuously refresh the page until they purchase successfully.
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These bots allow users to gain access to limited releases that others are unable to see. Additionally, making a purchase is far easier and quicker with this software. As a result of the growing popularity and influence of these bots over the years, however, people are attempting to fight against them. People attempt to claim that there are ways to act like sneaker bots without having an actual bot software installed on their device. The tricks people claim are as effective as bots, but are actually not are as follows:

Hit Maximum Efficiency

  • Knowing the Website Well: People believe if they are familiar with a website’s platform, they’ll need less time to checkout on release time.
  • Autofill Features: Users heavily rely on autofill features believing that it will save them a significant amount of time. While autofill features are useful, they are often unsafe on some platforms. Also, website crashes happen regardless of the tricks a user has.
  • Follow Sneaker Companies on Social Media: People believe that by following Nike or Kanye on Twitter, they will gain knowledge as to when the exact time of a release is. They often forget that this is already public knowledge, however, and that are bots are already hard at work making purchases.
  • Learn Company Patterns: Sneakerheads believe that you can gain access to limited items by following company trends. For example, people know how many shoes Nike will release at once. Where on the page these deals are located, and the exact time of the website updates. It is important to note that regardless of this knowledge, the time spent by a person ordering these shoes is still not as fast as a sneaker bot.

In conclusion, sneaker bots have proven to be great inventions for avid sneaker collectors. Of course, some bots work better than others and provide different features that result in more exclusive deals.

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