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Sneaker Bots: If You Can’t Beat ’Em, Here’s How to Join ’Em [An Overview]

By April 21, 2016June 10th, 2021Bot, Sneakers

Sneaker Bots - You Can't Beat Them - AIO BotThe era of technology and advancement has been so kind to the sneakerheads in the sneaker industry. Really! Have you ever stopped and thought about how our copping game would be like if everything was still in-store releases? Standing in line under the scorching sun or the pouring rain for hours at a time only to get a 50-50 chance of scoring a limited-run, hyped sneaker? What about a world gone virtual? That was one of the greatest times in retail history – when online shopping became the go-to for every retailer in the world. That brought manual copping into the scene. This meant waiting rooms, the never-ending loading circle, and the infamous OOS page. And that’s what made sneakerheads take matters into their own hands. They designed sneakerbots and the sneaker game changed for good. 

Sneakerbots offered us the dream of literal sneakers served on a silver platter – what more could we ask for? A super-fast sneaker robot that acts like your own personal army dedicated to copping multiple pairs of any sneaker on any release. Sneakerbots do everything for you – refresh dozens of pages to get the sneaker you want, pass security measures in a blink of an eye, and checkout with your sneaker. With a few little extra measures, you can learn how to use your bot in the most efficient way possible. Each bot has features that cater to your sneaker copping needs. So, you can choose the bot that works for you! 

Choosing the Best Sneakerbots

Why Jordans Are Unlike Other Shoes - AIO BotThe first thing you need to do is to choose the best sneaker bot that suits your needs – budget, reliability, efficiency, and speed! You don’t really wanna sell one of your kidneys to be able to afford a sneaker bot that works. But, let’s be real, there are no such things as free bots. Regardless, the best bot on the market shouldn’t cost over $500 – like AIO Bot! It is literally an all-in-one bot that costs around $350 and WORKS. It supports 100+ websites that host the release of the HOTTEST sneakers in the industry. Checks over stripes don’t matter for AIO Bot, it does it all. If you’re really going to invest your money in a bot, do it in a bot that guarantees your cashback and MORE. Check it out yourself, and you’ll see! It’s all you could ever ask for in a sneaker bot!

buttonSetting Up Your Sneaker Bot

Guide to Getting With Shoes - AIO Blog So, you’ve chosen the best sneaker bot for your sneaker copping needs. Now all you gotta do is set it up, and get it running – the upcoming releases don’t wait for anyone. It only takes a few little steps to get your sneaker bot in tip-top shape ready to take on any website you choose. But, make sure you set up your bot BEFORE the release – literally set it up as soon as you buy it. You don’t wanna be wasting no time on release day setting up your bot for the first time. That’s the best way for a guaranteed L. What’s the point of a sneaker bot if you’re not gonna do it right? Don’t worry though, it’ll only take 5 minutes!

  1. Fill in required fields such as your name, address, payment, shipping information, shoe size, and desired brands.
  2. Websites upped their security with reCAPTCHAs to prove you’re human. SIKE! A good sneaker bot solves them all for you! You don’t have to lift a finger.
  3. At the same time, the sneakerbots are opening and refreshing countless other pages with similar deals.
  4. The pages of people copping manually will all crash while your sneaker bot continuously refreshes the page until it purchases successfully.

Sneaker bots allow users access to limited-run releases! But, the more sneakers become popular, the more people will wanna try to cop. This does raise the heat a bit! But, as long as we got our sneaker bots, we’ll do just fine!

Hit Maximum Efficiency

Shoe Trends This Year - AIO BotUsing a sneaker bot efficiently is literally using it in the maximum amount of effectiveness that it can offer. That does require a few extra steps, but it’ll increase your copping powers drastically! Like utilizing some proxies to mask your location and hit websites from multiple different angles! Or you can get a cool server, and forget about loading and lags! This is the perfect recipe for success. And it’s 99.99% guaranteed! You’ll be greeted with a sweet confirmation email!

But, if you’re still stubborn about giving it a shot on your own, here are some things a few sneakerheads have tried!

  • Knowing the Website Well: People believe if they are familiar with a website’s layout and structure, they’ll need less time to checkout on release time.
  • Autofill Features: Users heavily rely on autofill features believing that it will save them time. Useful, but often unsafe. Also, this doesn’t help with website crashes.
  • Stalking Social Media: People believe that by following Nike or Kanye on Twitter, they’ll gain intel on the exact time of a release. But, this is already public knowledge! And besides, by that time, sneakerbots will already be making purchases.

In conclusion, sneakerbots have proven to be great inventions for sneaker collectors worldwide. Of course, some bots work better than others and provide different features! So, pick wisely.

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