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Panda Dunks Restock: Is This One Release Too Many?

By September 16, 2023Food for thought, Sneaker News

Panda Dunks AIO BotThe Nike Dunk is one of Nike’s most famous silhouettes. Like, for real, if you weren’t aware of them before, 2018/19 definitely taught you better. And since 2020 we got a steady stream of Dunk releases on the market. However, the ultimate stars of the whole thing were the Panda Dunks. We kinda get the appeal, especially with them selling out with every restock. But will the upcoming restock be one too many? And will YOU wanna cop them kicks? Let’s find out together right now!

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Panda Dunks: The Most Popular Unpopular Kicks

The story starts in 2021, with Nike dropping a new colorway of the Dunks: the PANDA. While the black and white leather colorway is pretty simple, the kicks became instant must-haves. Everyone sought the kicks out and they became the must-haves of the year. The resale value was pretty high, and people were willing to pay a lot! And well, Nike saw a golden opportunity here and TOOK it. Why waste the golden goose when you can restock the kicks?

So, after the initial release, the Panda Dunks came back one, two, three, four, and even five times. In 2022 alone, we got four releases on February 2nd, April 22nd, August 11th, and September 16th. And in 2023, we got another restock on August 25th! Now, believe it or not, despite all these re-releases, the kicks were pretty popular AND unpopular at the same time.

Most Popular StockX Sneakers - Nike Dunk Low PandaWhere Does the Industry Stand About the Pandas?

At some point, the Panda Dunks were the most exciting pair of sneakers to have on your feet. You see, they were pretty hard to find or cop, and wearing a pair was a status symbol. At that time, if you wore the Pandas you either had a plug, a lot of resale money to spare, or a sneaker bot! Now, queue 2022, and the kicks stopped being this really exclusive thing. In fact, everyone at some point owned a pair (or more).

So, while the hype kinda died down, the kicks still stayed in demand. Actually, according to StockX, Panda Dunks are the best-sellers of the platform with just under 245,000 pairs sold. And that’s JUST in the last 12 months… Imagine the demand for the kicks! This actually brings us to our next discussion: another Nike Dunk Panda restock.

Panda Dunks Are Back Again, and Again… and Again

Ask, and you shall receive. Well, in the case of Panda Dunks, you don’t even have to ask because Nike keeps on dropping them. The kicks will make another appearance on September 26, 2023, and will retail for $110. So, if you still didn’t cop a pair as of now, you’re either very unlucky or simply don’t want to. And luckily, we have a solution for the first problem! All you have to do is click the button below to learn how to cop kicks for retail.


Nike Dunk Low Panda

Release Date: September 26th 2023
Color Scheme: Black – White
Style Code: DD1391-100
Retail Price: $110
Average Resale: $154

Nike Dunks Black-White - AIO Bot