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Copping to Flip: Reselling Pharrell Adidas NMD Human Race

Copping to Flip: Reselling Pharrell Adidas NMD Human Race

By October 5, 2018July 25th, 2020Adidas, Sneakers

Pharrell Adidas NMD Human Race

Whether you’re a veteran sneakerhead or just a noob, you’ve probably witnessed the greatness of Pharrell Adidas NMD Human Race sneakers. This collaboration sells out in a matter of minutes and it seems like almost every pair ends up on the aftermarket.

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But that is quite normal. In fact, most people actually buy exclusive items with the intention of reselling. Sneaker reselling has become a business for most sneakerheads. After all, it’s a billion dollar industry now and everyone wants their cut.

Reselling Pharrell’s Adidas NMDs

Let it be heard: every person has the right to resell goods. Clothes, accessories, cars, sneakers. You’re free to do as you please with your own belongings. However, the controversy is all about how much should you ask for for a certain item.

Resale prices have always been unreasonably high. Since there are no regulations to control this chaos, true sneakerheads are paying up to 10 times the retail price to get their hands on a legit pair.

And because there aren’t any laws or regulations to control the range of price things can be sold at, this allows sneaker resellers to roam the World Wide Web freely and rip people off for their salaries.

Here’s an example to get some perspective: the Cotton Candy NMD Human Race X BBC sneaker. The pair retailed for $220 USD, then ended up with an average resale price of $3,202 on StockX in the first week. As of now, it’s been sold for up to $6,000 USD! Almost a year later and the sneaker is still selling for an average price that’s hundreds of dollars above retail. 

pharrell Adidas NMD Human race BBC

Sneaker Copping Etiquettes

Other than blood-sucking resale prices, there’s an underlying old but new issue, violence. Last year at ComplexCon, people went completely crazy when the Pharrell X NMD Human Race X NERD dropped. We saw people shouting, fighting and beating each other, all for a pair of sneakers. A video footage also showed the security guards at the Con attacking a woman who was apparently losing her sh*t.

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All of this leaves us wondering: how much are these sneakers really worth? A fortune? A human life? Would reselling those hyped kicks cover your hospitalization expenses? Would you make enough money from reselling, to cover your attorney’s expenses? Or will you get enough money to bail yourself out of jail?

Here’s another video posted by the Yeezy Mafia that shows what an aggressive and scary fight during an NMD Human Race release is like.

How to Cop and Flip Safely

Being a sneaker collector and a sneakerhead can be really worth it, sometimes. But most of the time it’s dangerous AF. That’s why you gotta set your priorities straight. What do you value more your sneakers or your life?

You can easily avoid messes like these by using a copping software, or sneaker bot. You can use it from the privacy and protection of your own house. AIO Bot not only offers that safety but also supports sites like Adidas where Pharrell Adidas NMD Human Races usually drop.

AIO Bot also serves as a Shopify bot for those interested in copping from a range of sites like Kith, Bape, Undefeated, Yeezy Supply, and more, who may do exclusive collabs with Adidas or Nike any time of year. 

Peep the next one you’ll resell, the Adidas Pharrell Williams NMD X BBC Hu ‘Heart/Mind’.