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Pharrell Adidas Superstar Patches Up to Win the Human Race?!

By June 27, 2020July 14th, 2022Adidas

PHARRELL ADIDAS SUPERSTAR AIO FEATIf you haven’t lived through the Adidas Pharrell chapter of 2019, check here before you dip any further. Although not worth-mentioning on resale, it’s worth including here. Because every collaboration journeys through a creative process. And if you’re an Adidas Pharrell fan, you’ll want to know the highs and lows of it. The two sections below present just that: a quick 2017-18 recap of collaborative releases. But back to the present, Pharrell Adidas Superstar is deconstructing Stan Smith classics. And we’re excited to see how the industry reacts to patched up sneakers!

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Pharrell Adidas 2018 

Cotton Candy hype is luscious still almost 3 years later. As ever-changing as hype is, when you’re looking to invest your time and money in a hot collaboration, you aspire for TIMELESS. And for the Pharrell Williams Adidas collaboration, 2017 has proven to be just that. 2018 may seem like the collaborative peak. And it was. With 3 major nearly back-to-back packs dropping. But the hype didn’t last long. The NMD Hu Trail Holi pack was reselling in the $800 range EACH! But now, if you put Chalk Coral and Pink Glow average values together, they don’t make it to $550! The China-exclusive NMD Hu China Pack presently guarantees profit. Below 50% price premium per pair that is. F&F Happy Gold made that pack what it is, let’s not kid ourselves. 

And to wrap up on that year, if you’re looking to buy NMDs for below retail, that’s what the Solar Pack can help you achieve. 

But Rewind Back to 2017?

Production hype is what 2018 was for Adidas Pharrell. It exploded at the time but had the lifespan of a matchstick. But 2017 is the brands’ collaborative peak in the past few years. Because it’s still on that value mountain top. Does NMD Human Race x N.E.R.D ring any bells? Probably siren bells because the in-store copping frenzy for this line was epic! And is still reselling in the $500-2,000 range easy. Besides the Chanel Pharrell collaboration with a $5,800 average value, two timeless Friends & Family pairs were released. In a Shock Pink colorway with a shocking $2,500 average value. And Respira in purple tint for $3,000

Pharrell Adidas Superstar Drops Two Colorways!

Was that rewind the last we’d see from valuable flip-worthy Pharrell Adidas sneakers? We sure hope not. But if that were the case, we know a lot of sneakerheads would love to join the industry. Without breaking the bank! Because festive colors and sparks aside, this year’s drops are pretty much B&W. And classics only go either ways! Both sneakers feature a full PrimeKnit construction. With toe box design weaves. The upper and outer midsole line on the white pair features a yellow patch. Whereas the one on the black pair features a brownish burgundy patch. The inner sides may surprise your double-toned expectations with 3 additional PrimeKnit colors. Each! Expect this polar pack to drop soon on

Retail Price: $140
Style Code: FY2294 (White) FY1787 (Black)

Take My Organs Instead?

On top of it being the latest Pharrell Adidas Superstar collaboration that nods to classic Stan, the insoles are ON POINT Pharrell Williams! With the educational display of internal body organs. Green background for the white pair and red for the black. A patched up exterior goes with the organ-based interior in this round! Is this the Adidas Pharrell martyr here to win this year’s resale victory? We’ll have to scan the market for white flags. In the meantime, complete your Adidas Pharrell chain with AIO bot and dominate
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Keep an eye out for the devil’s pride dropping with Adidas Prada on June 29!

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