Pharrell NMD Human Race Release?

By November 12, 2017April 1st, 2020Adidas, Bot

One of the industry’s biggest and most celebrated partnerships has to be that of Adidas and superstar Pharrell Williams. So, ever since he joined the Three Stripes celebrities roaster, his sneakers are the copping goal of almost all sneakerheads in the game. And this last release wasn’t any different. Sneaker fans lined up in long exhausting queues online and in front of physical stores for a chance at a pair of the Pharrell NMD Human Race. Or a couple of pairs if possible.

So, after yesterday’s Pharrell x Adidas NMD Human Race release, many sneakerheads were asking one thing, who DOMINATED?

The number of checkouts and the huge number of shootouts on Twitter prove that AIO Bot is the one true bot. Staying true to its mission of allowing every sneakerhead to get the kicks of their dreams, at retail price.

Here’s a sample of the success our customers had on this release:
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Adidas Pharrell NDM Human Race – Twitter Success  Proof