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Predicting the Future: How to Anticipate A Sneaker Resale Value

By November 6, 2023Make Money, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Predicting Sneaker Resale ValueHave you ever wondered why a sneaker resale value can get to the point where it’s worth a kidney on the aftermarket, while others just live on store shelves? 

Did you know that the sneaker resale market is mostly driven by ‘hype’? Limited editions, collaborations with celebrities or other brands, and popular designs, along with many other factors, all contribute to this hype. Matter of fact, scarcity, and celebrity power have the same impact on the shoe market as they do on everything else. 

Take the Yeezy Boost line for instance. Created by Adidas and Kanye West, these kicks sparked the hype in the sneaker industry like no sneakers ever did. And that’s mainly due to limited production quantities, Kanye’s substantial influence, and of course, his epic marketing skills! The result? A sneaker resale value that is multiple times the original retail price.

Factors to Predict a Sneaker Resale Value

So basically, a sneaker’s resale value on the aftermarket results from a mix of factors, such as brand heritage, celebrity collabs, smart marketing, and basic principles of supply and demand. They create that wow factor sneakerheads be looking for. Making those kicks very irresistible and worth a fortune when sold!

Sneaker Resale Value - Sneaker Resell Value - AIO BotThe Brand

How to anticipate a sneaker resale value? First and foremost, it’s mainly about the brand.  Nike and Adidas are the brands that immediately catch attention and have a higher price range. This all comes down to the weight of the brand’s reputation, which can turn an average sneaker into an exceptional purchase. As a result, driving that same sneaker’s resale value through the roof. 


Y’all remember when Nike teamed up with Off White? Well, that pretty much is what the power of collab is all about. Sneakers arising from such epic collaborations often carry a unique aesthetic and deliver double the brand value. They are highly coveted and rare. And that, my friend, equals mega bucks in resale. 

Now, to make the image clearer, let’s give you an example. The Off-White x MoMa x Nike Air Force 1 retailed for, but now it’s selling for an average of $5,000 on sites like StockX. You get the memo when we tell you you can make some big bucks by reselling sneakers? And if it’s one hot collab like Off White’s, well you know that the sneaker resale value is gonna skyrocket and it’s gonna be one good investment! 

Sentimental Value

Sneakers and pop culture are like two peas in a pod. Think of the cherished Air Jordans that honor sporting legends, or the limited-edition Star Wars sneakers. For many, these kicks are not just a piece of footwear, but a walking testament to the adoration of a hero or something!


Lastly, but in no way least, predicting a sneaker resale value depends on the rarity or limited availability factor. When a limited edition sneaker drops, the resale value shoots up. We’re talking serious dough here! Being a part of that exclusive club that owns a pair of unicorns is what we all strive for in the sneaker game!

It’s also worth noting that the condition and size of a sneaker can have a significant impact on its profitability. So, keep those sneaker boxes in good condition and those sizes varied. In fact,  there are certain shoe sizes that tend to make more profit than others. Check them out here! Better to cover more ground and rake in that extra cash, don’t you reckon?

So, there you have it! Although it is not an exact science, understanding these factors will provide you with a solid starting point in your sneaker resale journey.

Stayin’ in the Know: Sneaker Release Dates

Ain’t nothing gonna throw a wrench in your reselling plans faster than missing a major sneaker release. So, how do you keep on top of this?

Subscribe to release calendars offered by big sneaker brands, that’s right! Brands like Nike and Adidas provide these handy tools on their websites. You can also sign up for newsletters from leading sneaker news outlets, and follow influencers in the space who often spill the beans about upcoming launches. Websites like Sneaker Files provide release dates and even early links you can use to cop the shoes

Sneaker Resale Value: Predicting Demand Through Past Trends

You’ve heard it before, history repeats itself, eh? Well, the sneaker market’s no different. Studying past release performances can give you a pretty solid idea of how future releases might go down.

Look for patterns — do collabs between certain brands always sell out? Did a certain colorway not do too well? Dig into what worked, what didn’t, and more importantly, why. Use this knowledge to your advantage, folks! For example, Travis Scott’s collab with Nike is a literal money-maker, judging from previous drops. You’re often in the win with this one. 

Maximize Your Social Savvy

Ever heard of sneaker intelligence? No, we’re not kidding!

Being active on social media platforms and sneaker forums can take you a long way. These spaces offer real-time conversations, insider advice, and pro tips from other sneakerheads. Instagram, Facebook sneaker groups, and Reddit subreddits like /r/Sneakers and /r/SneakerMarket are exactly where you need to be.

Engage, ask questions, learn from others’ experiences, and before you know it, you’ll be a sneaker reselling pro too!

Market Trends to Predict a Sneaker Resale Value

Finally, don’t underestimate the value of staying informed. Keep a close eye on market trends — what are people buying, how much are they willing to spend, what colors and styles are coming into vogue? Staying informed is key to staying ahead of the game.

Consider using StockX, a live marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, as a tool for tracking market trends. It’s like the NASDAQ for sneakerheads!

So, are you ready to take your sneaker reselling game to the next level? Let’s do it! And if you think you’re ready to start a sneaker reselling business, click on the button below for your 101 guide!