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Use a PS5 Bot to Win All the Online PS5 Restock Fights!

By April 19, 2022Retail

The Best PS5 Bot - AIO BotSony’s infamous next-gen console might just be one of the most coveted retail items in the world! A lot of gaming consoles are often always in high demand. However, after a long global pandemic, a chip shortage, and the emergence of the PS5 bot, copping is impossible. Virtually unattainable and verging on unicorn-status legendary!

Also, this is the reason why PS5 consoles are so expensive to buy off secondary retail markets! You’ll be paying up to 2 or 3 times more than the retail price! Absolute madness! When you’re buying a PS5 console, you’ve got a very limited time window. You either get it, or you don’t. Pretty much the same concept as sneaker copping and the need for sneaker bots. You can’t buy sneakers for retail ON release day without a sneaker bot. The same goes for PS5 consoles.

In other words, if you want a chance to get a PS5 console, you’re gonna need a PS5 bot! This way you can actually get the chance to resell it for so much more! Keep reading to find out more!


PS5_Bot Graphic II - AIO_Bot

So, what does a PS5 bot look like? Well, in essence, PS5 bots are usually a type of bot called Scalper Bots. People use them to scalp rare Pokemon or different trading cards, limited GPUs, and gaming consoles. They are automated software used to crawl on retail sites looking for possible restocks. Find the item that you want to buy and auto-checkout within seconds of the drop! 

The smarter choice would be to invest in an all-in-one bot instead. An option that many sneakerheads use! This is because you definitely don’t want to be limited with your options! And, if you’re a sneakerhead trying to get into retail, you probably already have an AIO bot!

Basically, what you’re looking for is a bot that supports retail sites hosting PS5 drops.  In short, a PS5 is a bot that supports the following retail sites – aka a retail bot!
– Amazon
– Target
– Walmart
– Gamestop
– Best Buy
– Newegg


Now that we know what a PS5 bot is and how it generally works, there’s only one thing left: finding the right one for you! The proper bot is the one that will get you one (or many) on restock without paying resale. In fact, you need a bot that will set you on the path of becoming a PS5 reseller yourself! So, check the list below on all the best bots to buy PS5:

PS5 Bot Graphic - AIO Bot

Nova Bot
Hayha AIO
KOI Solutions
Wrath Software
KSR Automation
Akari Automation