4 Best Purple Jordans Since 1984 [#1 will blow you away!]

By July 10, 2020 July 21st, 2020 Jordan

PURPLE JORDANS AIO FEATThe Air Jordan brand is best described as the sneaker industry’s supernova. Ever since its launch in 1984 and banned reputation in 85, it’s been expanding with countless Retros and stellar designs. Smart collaborations with famous artists like Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh have boosted the brand’s hype over the years. But for the reality of it, the Jordan team can stick Michael Jordan’s face and basketball history to any dope creation And call it OUT OF STOCK with or without collaborations. The brand is so centered in the sneaker and sports industries that it basically sells itself. Collaborations and sponsorships are more like the cherry on top of a 10-story cake. And colorways, well, that’s another area Jordan Brand excels at. So, aside from fresh Jordan releases, we’ve compiled the 4 hottest and best-selling purple Jordans in the color’s history!

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Purple Jordans 101

Jordan 4 Travis Scott F&F

Less than 1,000 pairs of this purple Jordan collaboration were released in 2018. The best part for resellers and worst for hungry buyers? It was a Friends & Family exclusive. Covered in deep purple suede, the sneaker looks awfully similar to the Jordan listed below. Except it’s in all-purple. And has the Travis Scott x Jordan hashtag attached to it. Which explains why it is reselling for $13,250 on average on StockX! Everything this person touches turns into gold. So kudos to Kylie for taking him back. Let’s not forget the Jordan Eminem goldmine. Looks like the Jordan 4 is a collaborative magnet.

Jordan 5 Alternate Grape

This year’s Jordan 5 Grape Retro ditched the white base and adopted an all-purple suede. With fierce emerald accents as a loyalty flag. It looks like a cheaper version of the Travis Scott pair above. And if you think about it, the OG was worn by Will Smith in his nineties sitcom. So, even score for the two purple Jordans? Retailing at $190, this purple Jordan is currently reselling at $270 on average. Know more about this Jordan here.

Jordan 1 Retro Court Purple

The Jordan 1 Court Purple is a Retro bicycle! The Retros keep coming at a slow pace. We have here the top two over the years. The 2018 Retro dropped with a Black Toe. And is reselling for $387 on average. Whereas the recent 2020 Retro ditched the black tiptoe and is valued at $247. Sneakerheads have a thing for Black Toe Jordans. Because of the Jordan 1 OG. So keeping an eye out for that legacy move will do you good.

Jordan 4 Metallic Purple

This purple Jordan is hardly so, but there’s no other way to identify it. Plus it comes in a pack of 4 and it’s shiny so it made the cut. There’s nothing like putting on a crisp white pair of sneakers for the first time. And if you clean these Jordans right, the feeling will last longer. Metallic purple eyelets add an elegant touch that livens up the sneaker. It retailed at $190 and is reselling at $237 on average. Which is not so bad for an urgent flip. Or quick side hustle. Know more about the Jordan 4 Metallic Pack here.

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