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[2021] Q1 Sneaker Recap: ALL Sneakers News Setting the Year’s Vibe

By April 2, 2021March 26th, 2022Sneaker News, Sneakers

Q1 All Sneaker Recap - Sneakers News - AIO_BotSo, you’ve officially come out into 2021 with the minimal amount of emotional and physical scarring – SCOFF. But, thankfully, we sneakerheads always find a way to adapt to whatever life throws at us. Not only have you made it through 2020, but you’ve actually finished Q1 of 2021. And now, we’ve got the greatest sneakers news. All the tea that will set the tone for the entire year!

We’ve put together every possible sneakers news in the past three months. We’re gonna overanalyze them, and then overthink them! As one should always do!

The beginning of the year sets the tone for the rest of it! And, if it ain’t startin’ outright, we might as well quit right now. Tbh, that might not be entirely true. If we look back at the year 2020, it didn’t really have the greatest start. BUT, the sneaker industry had a pretty good run! Let’s refresh your memory a bit!

TW: 2020 Flashbacks!

Sneaker_Boxes - AIO_BotIf you’re fainthearted and talks of the year 2020 trigger you, just skip over to the sneakers news you’re here for! But, we’re here to talk about the good stuff. Here are some 2020 highlights!

So, 2020 did pretty well and we got all the best sneakers news! But, we still got high HIGH hopes for this year. We all had to get through with a lil’ bit of hustlin’. But, we’ll make do with some good sneaker reselling for the best type of WFH. But, what matters now is copping the same amount of WINS in 2021. 

Q1 Sneakers News

2020 Flashbacks - AIO Bot

Needless to say, the people who made the most money copping sneakers last year had a savage sneaker bot by their side. Don’t even try to convince us otherwise. Just don’t. It ain’t it, man.

On the other hand, those who had AIO Bot on their side most probably did not miss a single cop. So, how’s it been for AIO in the 2021’s Q1? 

Well, we’ve got the best sneakers news brought to you by… AIO BOT! The one and the only all-in-one bot that has stood the test of time for years and years in the sneaker industry. Even with a global pandemic, updated anti-bot security measures, and even Nike scandals AIO Bot ain’t slowing down.

AIO Bot’s Personal Q1 Sneaker COPPING Recap

Let’s be real for a minute. Looking for a sneaker bot that WORKS, is always in stock, and won’t cost a whole kidney? AIO Bot is the bot for the job! 

The best sneakers news is finding a bot that actually helps you cop! A bot that helps you cop in bulk and start reselling sneakers from home. Getting AIO Bot is the literal meaning of getting lucky with the best sneakers in the industry. Feelin’ skeptical? Then keep reading.


  • The best sneaker news out there? When it comes to sneaker bot updates, AIO Bot offers updates for FREE. Gratis. Who doesn’t love free stuff, fam? We need the stuff.
  • More free stuff? How about copping Supreme for free? Yes, you heard – for free. Getting your hands on Supreme apparel for no charge is the best flex you could wish for this year.

AIO Bot offers extreme Supreme anti-bot solutions with improved size/color finding techniques. Yes, it really is that simple. Get your Supreme AIO Bot today and start flexin’ the Supreme drip!

Shopify, Demandware, Footsites, and MORE!

  • The greatest sneakers news any sneakerhead could get is knowing that their sneaker bot supports 200+ websites offering the best sneakers of the year. 
  • Add the constant updating to the mix, you’ll get the best sneaker bot in the WHOLE industry. 
  • We’ve updated the queue process with great improvements for a minimal 403 on ATC. 
  • You also get a fully new network module to overcome the added security on the YS queue with thousands of checkouts so far!

But, it doesn’t stop there! We’ve really been busy during Q1 keeping up with all the sneaker news, and coming up with different enhancements. It’s all about how to run, when to run, what delays to use, and what proxies to keep. The 2021 Q1 AIO Bot 50+ enhancements on Footsites & Shopify include :

  • Captcha Bypass Active
  • Optimized Speed x 0.5+
  • Fixed Unlogged Checkouts
  • Integrated New Mode for Footsites
  • Improved Footsites Datadome
  • Adjusted Footsites Delays
  • Improved Footsites Proxy Selection
  • Removed Footsites from Sensor Harvester
  • Added New Shopify Sites: Drip LA, Sole Classics, Common Wealth FTGG, Arsham Editions, Stray Rats, YCMC, and MCT Tokyo

AIO Sneaker Bot OWNS 2021!

Want in on some juicy sneakers news? In just three few months, AIO Bot users copped over thousands and thousands of sneakers on the most hyped releases

We got the Air Jordan 5 Retro Stealth, copped some Yeezy boots, and cooked a lot of BACON. The thing is, we really don’t want you to miss out on the whole thing. We’ve still got three more quarters to go, with tons of sneaker releases coming up. Do you really wanna be left out to sit with all your Ls? Trust us on this, fam!

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Sneakers News: The MVPs

Wanna know what you missed out on in Q1 of the year? We ain’t going to sugarcoat it for you though. 

So, if you didn’t have a sneaker bot running on your side, then odds are you struck out. And not to add salt on the wound, but these sneakers brought in an insane amount of cash. We made tons of money copping these kicks at retail using AIO Bot, how about you? The sneakers news on Q1 includes the best Yeezys, best Jordans, and all-in-all best sneakers – WITH the best resale ever. Therefore, in a nutshell, it’s a little throwback on the best money makers.

How Our Users Made Money Selling Q1 Yeezys

Sneakers News - Sneaker Recap - Yeezy Q1 Kicks - AIO Bot

Kanye West is a sneaker genius. Do we really need to say more than that? It comes as no surprise to any sneakerhead in the industry when we say that Yeezys are easy money. The Yeezy Foam Runner SAND took the cake when it came to a high price premium – it reached 275% over the original retail value! 

But, the best sneakers news is that we’ve got a ton of Yeezys lined up!

So, in short, make sure you start collecting some Yeezys. Go for the Yeezy sizes that make a huge difference on resale  – the bae sizes. You know, with all the talk of the new Yeezy material and stuff about monofilament, the market’s going to be in a riot! THAT’S when you swoop in and cop all the Yeezys.

Flipping Off the Jumpman? Scandalous

Sneaker_Recap - Jordans Q1 Kicks - AIO Bot

MJ is the GOAT. His sneakers are legendary. And the aftermarket for these sneakers is insane. The Jordans that dropped in the past months are absolutely no exception to the rule of savage Jordans. 

In all honesty, the Q1 Jordans MIGHT have broken the scale a bit – especially with a little scandal. The Jordan with the highest price premium happens to be the AJ1 Trophy Room with the glittery icy red uppers and a premium of 1862%. Yeah, you read that right. 

They sold out within 90 minutes –sick. But, oddly enough, sneaker reseller Benjamin Kickz managed to cop a huge part of the stock. Think he got AIO Bot running? Well, rumor has it there was a backdoor in the works – not the kind you’d think. Although, on the bright side of this bit of sneaker news, we are going to get a lot of Jordan Retros this year.

Give Q1 a SLAM DUNK!

Q1 Sneaker Recap - Nike Dunks - Sneakers News - AIO Bot

Who said you gotta sell a Yeezy or Jordan to make some cash? Last year, Nike gave the year a huge SLAM DUNK that seems to have the industry-shaking all the way to 2021. Next year, we think it’s the Air Max 1s.

Well, 4 out of the 5 top sneakers with the highest resale value for 2021’s Q1 are Dunks. Now that’s some good sneaker news! Dunks are classic sneakers that won’t ever seem to die out, no matter how many times they drop. So, make sure you cop whatever Dunk that 2021 throws our way, they always have the WILDEST resales.

Sneaker News on 2021: Where’s It Going?

Let’s talk some serious sneaker news and see where the year’s going. What sneaker trends are in for the coming year? Putting on our best Raven Baxter face, and looking into the future!

  • This is the year for Air Jordan RETROS!
  • We also think that high tops are going to be the trend for sneakers in 2021. Lucky for us, high tops happen to be our favorite. Low tops too. And mids. Well, we love them all. 
  • Sneaker brands will definitely get into more and more sneaker collaborations
  • Another trend we see circulating throughout the sneaker industry is sustainable sneakers and fashion. That’s the sneaker news we love to hear!

2021 Survival Kit

So, the sneaker culture changes every day. Brands learn to adapt to the changes of technology, society, and general life events! We support different types of causes, go through all kinds of hectic changes, and we bring together different industries. 

But, no matter how much the world changes, one thing’s for sure. We’ll always be reading all the sneakers news, waiting for releases, copping drops, and running bots. So, to survive the year, here’s what you’re going to need: