How the Sneaker Trade Changed in Q2 Latest News & Overviews [2021]

By July 1, 2021Bot, Sneaker News

Q2 Sneaker Recap - Sneaker Trade - AIO BotCan you actually believe that 2021 is halfway through? We’ve survived another 6 months with the ongoing global pandemic. It’s still all about the virtual takeover and working from home. But, thankfully, the sneaker industry is still pulling through – stronger than ever. And, with the whole vaccination campaign going on, 2021 promises everything to go business as usual. So, we truly had great expectations for the year ahead. We have great expectations for the sneaker trade as a whole. So much has happened already, though!

But, it’s the end of the second quarter! So, this means it’s time for another sneaker recap – the Q2 sneaker recap. Giving you all the latest sneaker news on everything that went down so far in the game. Knowing what happened gives us a lot of insights on what’s coming next! Just take a look at the Q1 sneaker recap!

Nike Zooming Through Q1

Q1 Lookover Review Shoes - AIO BotWho owned Q1 and the entire sneaker trade? Who? Well, no other than the Swoosh, of course. It’s like owning 2020 was not enough for Nike, they had to keep rolling over to 2021. Unless you’ve spent the entirety of your 2020 lockdown under your bed, then you know that Dunks took over. Every time we think the Dunks are dead, they keep coming back stronger.

BUT, we’re not saying that Adidas was completely quiet. Well, they kinda were. But, Kanye definitely was not. Aside from the unfortunate split with Kim K and buzz of possible relations with Jeffree Star, Yeezus had his highs! He won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album winner – JESUS IS KING. Hopefully, he doesn’t piss on that one too. Also, Kanye also has big promises of the weirdest newest Yeezy drops like the upcoming YZY D Rose. So, fingers crossed. 

And overall, Q1 was all about focusing on becoming a sneaker reseller. It was about copping all the sneakers you can in bulk and dominating the sneaker releases. And that’s a sneaker trade that won’t go away for a long time! If you’re gonna take anything from Q1, it’s that you gotta join the resellers. ASAP. If you wanna know more about what went down in the first three months of 2021, read here.

What’s The Dirt On AIO Bot & the Sneaker Trade

The mark of any good sneaker bot is keeping up with the change of the sneaker trade. And, for a bot that’s been in the game for so long, AIO Bot knows exactly what that’s about. The industry changes every single day. Online sneaker retailers have teams of devs hired to come up with all sorts of anti-bot security methods to keep us out! So, it’s only natural that we fire back!

We know that this is a sneaker recap for Q2, but AIO Bot rolls out updates regularly. No matter what! With 100+ supported websites, constant updates are a must.

We’ve got Footsites up and running, ongoing Shopify enhancements, and updates to Demandware-hosted sites. And also, we can’t forget Supreme! And, we’ve got enhanced cookie generation, fake splash-pass detection, and CAPTCHA support. Keep reading to find out how we’ve been upping the sneaker trade! AND, they’re all FREE updates!

The Elite – SUPREME

Sneaker Trade SUPREME Updates - AIO BotSupreme is a literal godsend to the sneaker trade! We just love Supreme drops, apparel, accessories, and sneakers. The coolest sneaker recap of Q2 might be the new opening of the Supreme Milano store – giving us more places to buy Supreme worldwide. And although a lot of people opt for a separate Supreme bot, those with AIO Bot get the full package.

AIO Bot Supreme updates include different anti-bot solutions, hCAPTCHA support, and more! We’ve got the faster checkouts. So, you’ll never be paying the ridiculous Supreme resale prices ever again. It’s everything you need to cop and more!

Some Feet Stuff – FOOTSITES

What Are Footsites - AIO BotWho doesn’t absolutely LOVE copping Footsites? Sociopaths. That’s who. And, you know, we completely get that! To keep up with the sneaker trade, AIO Bot has improved Footsites speed, queue-its, and added CapMonster and 2CAPTCHA services. Everything for a better user experience. We even have an update for Geetest solver on Footsites – everything you could think of!

In short, this just proves that we KNOW how difficult and annoying it could be to not have a seamless cop. We hear you, we bring the updates. You can cop off all Footsites stores without a hitch! 

Shopping Spree – SHOPIFY

Shopify UPDATES - Sneaker Trade - AIO BotA HUGE part of the sneaker trade is copping sneakers off Shopify sites. You can’t avoid them. And, they’re a LOT! There are over 30 Shopify sites and we’ve added a few more including Hot Wheels Collectors. And, we’ve updated speeds, preloads, boost modes, and more!


What Is Yeezy Supply and How to Cop - Adidas Return - AIO_BotFinally, burning the midnight oil trying to cop Yeezy Supply and Adidas? Yeezys are one of the most coveted kicks in the sneaker trade. So, copping these sites is crucial. Demandware hosts both YS and Adidas, and uses one of the best anti-bot security systems. This is why we’ve come up with the best anti-bot solutions against Akamai. We’ve updated the YS networking module, 3D secure, and the CAPTCHA V3 score.

Also, we’ve updated Adidas in different regions like PH, AU, NZ, and BR. This makes copping from overseas smooth sailing – literally.  

Keeping Up with the Kash in the Sneaker Trade

The best sneaker recap of Q2 in the money! The cool thing about the sneaker trade is that it offers a variety of ways to make money without effort. A lot of AIO Bot users can truly vouch for that. They’ve struck sneaker gold with kicks the Raging Bulls, sparking heat with Red Flints, and more! Becoming a sneaker reseller in Q2 has never been easier.

We copped a lot of slip-ons, a whole bunch of Supreme, lots of retros, and some Foamies. This brings us to the most hyped sneakers of the quarter – the ones making and breaking the sneaker trade. Of course, you’ll notice that the Adidas efforts to dethrone Nike are a bit of a bust. You’ll see what we mean.

Chilling with the Jumpman

Best Jordans of Q2 - AIO BotIf there’s one thing we’re really grateful for, it’s the 2021 Jordan releases. The retros have taken over the sneaker trade with Jordans dropping everywhere.
Honorable Jordan mentions include:
– Jordan 1 Retro High Court Purple
– Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo Tech Grey
– Air Jordan 4 University Blue
– Jordan 5 Raging Bulls
– Jordan 6 Travis Scott British Khaki

Also, if you didn’t get the chance to cop these Jordans, you still have time! Nike’s got a lot of sneakers under their sleeves waiting for you to cop them. Make sure to stay locked on our blog for all the latest updates on all the upcoming Jordan and releases.

A Fix of Yeezus

Best Yeezys of Q2 - AIO BotWe know that maybe 2021 isn’t the best year for Yeezus in general. But, for Yeezys, they be doin’ all right in the sneaker trade. We’ve got the wildest Yeezys dropping, the weirdest silhouettes, and new Yeezy material. Did you get to check out the Yeezy Mono Pack? And, thankfully, the Q2 sneaker recap means we’re going on to Q3! Q3 has August, which means YEEZY DAY – the greatest Yeezy restock so far!
Honorable Yeezy mentions:
– Yeezy Boost 700 Enflame Amber
– Yeezy Foam RNNRs
– Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Mono Pack
– Yeezy 450 Dark Slate 

FIGHT! Nike VS Adidas

Hyped Shoes of the Recap - AIO BotThe thing about Nike VS Adidas is that it might be the best tea we have in the sneaker trade. We’re always waiting for some Adidas originals or some Nikes to bring up the heat a bit. They’re both pushing for sustainable sneakers and fashion in 2021. That is one of the biggest sneaker trends that we’re all in for!
Honorable Adidas and Nike mentions:
– Adidas Campus 80s South Park Towelie
– Adidas Superstar Bape ABC Camo
– Sacai Vaporwaffle Sesame Blue Void
– Nike Dunk High EMB Lakers 

Cool For the Summer

The Summer’s literally just starting off, and we have so much to look forward to in the sneaker trade. The industry keeps on growing every single day! Ethical fashion is on the rise, Yeezy Day is coming, and we’ve got HUGE lineups of sneakers on the way! Don’t forget that this is supposed to be the year of the very first Yeezy collaboration! That is completely unprecedented and we don’t know what to expect!

And, will Adidas be able to make a return in the remaining half of 2021? If not, that could really alter the entire fate of the sneaker trade. Chilling! Can Kanye tip the demand-supply chain to Adidas’ side again? We’ll have to wait to find out.

But, till then, we might as well keep coppin’! We don’t know what might happen. And, you know, when in doubt, buy sneakers! It’s becoming much more competitive in the sneaker trade, so you gotta up your game. If you wanna learn more about sneaker copping and reselling, click the button below to find out more.