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[2021] Q4 Sneaker Recap: A Full Year in Shoe Review

By December 25, 2021January 5th, 2022Food for thought, Sneaker News

Q4 Sneaker Recap - Shoe Review - AIO BotYou know what time it is! It’s time to do a year in review… Well, shoe review! The year 2021 has finally come to an end. And, although it wasn’t the best, 2020 taught us that it could be a lot worse. So, before we welcome 2022 with open arms and anxiety, let’s recap the year we had!

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Yeezy Day 2021 Restock List
Best-Selling Jordans of 2021
Best-Selling Yeezys of 2021
And, Best-Selling Nike of 2021



Most Expensive Sneakers - Shoe Review 2021 - AIO BotA shoe review is never complete without going over the most expensive sneakers of the year. We’re talking about the sneakers that you really had to dish out – like serious cash money – to get. 

Of course, this only applies to people who were NOT on their sneaker copping A-game. The people who unknowingly sabotaged their own chances at resale. We’re talking about all the people who decided to risk it all by copping sneakers manually. AKA the ones who tried to beat the bots! We’re just gonna let the resale values do all the talking!

  1. Jordan 1 High SP Fragment x Travis Scott
  2. Jordan 1 High Trophy Room Chicago
  3. Air Jordan 1 Low Fragment x Travis Scott
  4. Nike Dunk Low Off-White Lot 1
  5. Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Stars Mean Green
Jordan 1 High SP Fragment x Travis Air Jordan 1 High Trophy Room Chicago Jordan 1 Low Fragment x Travis Nike Dunk Low Off White Lot 1 Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Stars
Release Date: 07/29/21
Retail Price: $200
Avg. Resale: $3278
Release Date: 02/10/2021
Retail Price: $190
Avg. Resale: $2635
Release Date: 

Retail Price: $150
Avg. Resale: $1362

Release Date: 

Retail Price: $180
Avg. Resale: $1171

Release Date: 03/04/2021
Retail Price: $110
Avg. Resale: $1418

So, we’re pretty sure that you feel very mad at yourself by now. Especially when you look at all the money you could have made in 2021! But, consider this as a learning experience for 2022 – don’t cop without a sneaker bot. And, now’s the perfect time to invest in one before the year starts! This way you can guarantee that you’ll join the ranks of sneaker resellers next year! Click here to find the sneaker bot of your dreams!


Most Popular Sneakers - AIO BotNext on our list of shoe review tasks, we’re gonna move on to the most popular sneakers of the year. These are the A-listers of the sneaker industry that – at some point – everyone was wearing. They’re the ones with the best colorways, sneaker design, and overall aesthetic. These kicks were the best type of flex and not because of the price! But, because everyone knew the hype behind them.

If you have one of these sneakers, you’re probably one of the cool kids! It’s a well-known fact that everyone who made it out of 2020 and 2021 owns a pair of Yeezy slides. They’re one of the most popular sneakers in the WORLD! And, it’s also pretty obvious that Nike had a pretty good run in 2021. Claiming the sneaker throne!

Nike Dunk Low Retro Black White  Jordan 11 Retro Cool Grey Jordan 5 Retro Raging Bulls Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure Jordan 1 High Retro University Blue
Release Date: 03/10/2021
Retail Price: $110
Total Sold: 90725 pairs
Release Date: 12/11/2021
Retail Price: $225
Total Sold: 67504 pairs
Release Date: 04/10/2021
Retail Price: $190
Total Sold: 64009 pairs
Release Date: 04/26/2021
Retail Price: $55
Total Sold: 60382 pairs
Release Date: 03/06/2021
Retail Price: $170
Total Sold: 53077 pairs


Although the year was truly eventful – to say the least – there are some things that just stick! Besides the fact that we’re at our third COVID variant now, other things were truly shocking. Kim and Kanye got a divorce after 7 years of marriage. She’s dating Pete Davidson for Pete’s sake. We had an epic Yeezy Day, talk of an untimely Adidas death, and rumors about a new Nike D2C strategy! Sneaker brands are switching to NFT releases and joining the Metaverse, and eBay might be beating StockX as the top resale platform. A pretty hectic year! But, in this yearly shoe review, we’re gonna relive some of the moments we will never forget.


One of the main events of the industry this year. and every year is the performance change of sneaker bots. We’ve lost many bot, and got to know so many new ones. But, the strongest bots – like AIO Bot and a few other bots – remained in the game, as tough as ever. With all the years of experience it has and all the constant success, it’s only bound to get better in 2022! To know more about AIO Bot and other bots, check this updated list of the most powerful and successful bots in the game!

Learn-moreYeezy GAP - Shoe Review - AIO Bot

The first moment in this yearly shoe review that we just can NOT get over is the Yeezy x GAP partnership. This may just be the strangest sneaker collaboration to date. However, it is nice to see Kanye branch out with Yeezy collaborations. Still, you wouldn’t expect him to collaborate with GAP! 

The oversized, yet not oversized, Yeezy GAP hoodies got love/hate emotions from the public. But, at the end of the day, this is Kanye. And the Kanye Effect works its magic. And people are flexing the “Perfect Hoodie” in its six different colorways everywhere! The only person who is able to control the demand and supply chain like this is Kanye West.

Squid Game Vans Slip Ons - AIO BotSQUID GAME VANS EFFECT

Another strange phenomenon in our 2021 shoe review is the tremendous sale in Vans Slip-Ons! These are the sneakers the character of Netflix’s own Squid Gameshow! The contestants of the game all wore white slip-on Vans. 

The effect of the show was so beyond tremendous. All of our social media feeds were flooded with Squid Game costumes, memes, and skits! But, that’s not all! It even had an effect on the sneaker industry. So much so that – three weeks after the premiere of the show – Vans slip-on sales grew by 7800%. You gotta love your TV sneakers!

Travis Scott Concert Festival - AIO BotASTROWORLD FESTIVAL FROM HELL

Now, we’re moving on to the darker, more grave part of our 2021 shoe review. Unfortunately, this year, you had to worry about more than just COVID. You had to worry about being trampled and suffocated alive in a concert. That’s exactly what happened to the victims of Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD festival. 

The concert resulted in the death of 10 people aged 9 to 27 years old with hundreds more injured. And, to make matters even worse, Travis kept performing 40 minutes after the surge started. All of this resulted in so much talk about Nike dropping Travis. Especially after they canceled the Nike Air Trainers release. We’ll find THAT out in 2022.


Off-White Banner Belt - AIO BotFinally, to end this shoe review on a sad but loving note, the loss of Virgil Abloh. On November 28th, 2021; the world got shocking news. It was a very sad, tragic event that shook the entire industry to its core. Although he isn’t with us anymore, he left behind him an immortal legacy! 

His Off-White Nike collaborations will live on forever. And, his work with Louis Vuitton immortalized him as a formidable designer. He is a person who encourages people to thrive and is an inspiration to future generations to come! Learn more about the man with many talents – here.

And so, with that, we wrap up our recap of the 2021 shoe review. We do hope that we go into 2022 with good fortune and a TON of sneakers. Let’s hope 2022 doesn’t try to kill us.