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Everything You Need to Know on Reddit NFTs & CryptoSnoos!

By January 19, 2023NFTs

Reddit NFTs and CryptoSnoos - AIO BotWhenever anything creates even the tiniest wave online, you can bet there’ll be a Reddit thread on the topic. Whether it’s about Kanye West’s latest marriage, all kinds of sneaker legit checks, or discussing the upcoming retail trends… there’s always a Reddit thread. And so, with the popularity of non-fungible tokens, it was only a matter of time before Reddit NFTs popped up!

And, we’re not just talking about a thread!

Reddit’s venture into Web3 technology and non-fungible tokens with collectible tokenized avatars came two years after their Avatar Builder. This is the program that allows users to customize and create their very own avatars for their profiles. However, if the thing that brought you here was new about free NFTs, then you probably feel a bit confused. Yes, the Reddits NFTs were free. But, that’s not all you should know.

First, what is Reddit? Reddit is a popular networking website that allows users to discuss, vote and share content. It’s a huge community that brings people from all over the world together over common interests. You can think of it as a forum site for news, updates, games, marketing, and discussions. In a nutshell, it’s a HUGE site with around 1.8B visitors a month!

And now, the latest additions to its features are the Reddit NFTs – starting with the launch of an NFT collection. So, let’s dive right into that! 


If you are a Reddit user interested in learning more about Reddit NFTs, you’re gonna need a bit more. Although you’ll have the added edge of already being a user, a more long-term approach requires NFT knowledge. In other words, you can’t get into the virtual battlefield without weapons or ammo! 

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The Reddit NFTs all start with the Reddit Avatars – a wide range of different collectible avatars. Users pairs these avatars to their accounts and online profiles. And, they store them on the Ethereum-based blockchain, Polygon, which features low gas fees. You can think of them like PFPs since they are technically a type of profile image. 

Therefore, Reddit NFTs are specifically available for purchase on the Reddit avatar marketplace. It is the place where Redditors can buy blockchain-based art in exchange for money! All you need is a crypto NFT wallet, a credit card, a debit card, or a Reddit Vault. Redditors can use them for digital identity and additional NFT utilities like special profile treatment.

Also, there are over 90 designs creating a collection of over millions of Reddit NFTs with different rarities. A super rare, limited-edition version warrants you immediate licensing rights to the NFT. This means you can use the avatar on and off Reddit. Furthermore, you can also change the look of your avatar using Reddit’s own Avatar builder! 

Types of Reddit NFTs

#1 CryptoSnoos

First, the main and exclusive Reddit NFTs are the CryptoSnoos – launched in 2021. This collection features Reddit’s adorable alien mascot, aka Snoo. Every CryptoSnoo NFT comes in a different stock level which obviously determines the rarity level. You can buy CryptoSnoos on OpenSea.

As of now, there are only 4 CryptoSnoos in existence: Stardust, Helium, Original Block, and Snooprematic. So, this means that they’re pretty rare and hard to come by, to say the least. This also means MEGA online flexing abilities to the 4 wallets that own these cute little creatures!

#2 Independent Creators

Next, other types of Reddit NFTs include the collectible avatars we mentioned before. Independent artists on Reddit are the creators of these non-fungible tokens. Every NFT comes with a fixed price and doesn’t use the NFT auction style. You can buy these NFTs on either r/CollectibleAvatars or on OpenSea.

#3 Free Reddit NFTs

Finally, the last types of Reddit NFTs are the free ones. These were free NFTs that Reddit distributed in August of 2022 via NFT airdrops. Reddit gave away free tokens to the top members of the Reddit community with the highest Karma points. And, in true Reddit nature, the NFTs included subcategories:

    • The Singularity with 13,950 mints
    • Aww Friends with 5,488 mints
    • Drip Squad with 3,138 mints
    • Meme Team with 5,460 mints

How to Buy Reddit NFTs?

REDDIT NFTs -AIO BotSo, to get yourself some Reddit NFTs without being a top member, you have a few options. The first thing you should try is joining the r/CollectibleAvatars subreddit – an invite-only community – and reading AMAs. This will help you find tokens available for you to purchase. 

Or, you can check out the official Reddit marketplace for a fixed price of fiat currencies. The final option would be to try your hand at OpenSea by making an offer or paying the set price. But, expect them to be PRICEY.

Our final thoughts on the Reddit NFTs are that this is just the beginning. Even if you don’t currently have one of these tokens, something tells us there will be more. All you have to do is stay prepared and get your NFT buying skills ready. This is an industry that waits for no one!