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A Major Discount on The Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow

By April 25, 2018July 28th, 2020Adidas, Yeezy

It seems that the hype and controversy surrounding Yeezys will never end. And no matter how many silhouettes they drop, Adidas and Kanye seem to have the sneaker playground under their full control. Next up on their release calendar is the Yeezy 500 in its most “Talked about” colorway, the super moon yellow. And talked about doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. At least not by the scales of Kanye and his F&F.

Yeezy 500 Previous Release



Surprisingly enough, the fans were hospitable enough to accept a completely different design, the Yeezy 500 in all its colorways. However, the Super Moon Yellow dropped in a new and kinda troubling manner. Back in December 2017, the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow dropped exclusively on Yeezysupply, but not alone. The sneaker retailing at $200, dropped alongside 2 apparel pieces, adding up to a mega $760.

Now, many say that this strategy mainly targeted resellers. But no one can deny that it got to Yeezy fans as well. Them loyal fam who had to buy pieces they will never wear, just to flex the Yeezy 500. Not only did the Super Moon Yellow drop as a bundle, it also had to be pre-ordered. With order not shipping until March 2018.

Bundle or not, The Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow sold out as fast as any other more affordable and attainable Yeezys.

 Super Moon Yellow Features

Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow-1

It’s not like Kanye needs to put a lot of material or cutting-edge technology for his kicks to sell. But the man does!

The Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow offers an impressive combination of features. Adidas’ signature material, adiPrene+, can be found in the soles, in addition to a mixture of premium suede, leather and mesh covering the uppers. And the whole sneaker is dressed in pale yellow shade, toning down the bulkiness of those dad-shoes.

And despite the fact that it looks and feels nothing like Kanye’s previous designs people are still loving it. This love translates into fortunes paid on the resale market. You can actually find the Super Moon Yellow for $550 and up to $1300, depending on your shoe size.

Release Information

Now dropping as a wider and more normal release, the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow will re-release on June 9th, 2018.

Although Adidas hasn’t issued any official statement regarding the release date, or the release itself, the Yeezy Mafia seems to be . And regardless of the attack made by Kim Kardashian to take away their credibility, and Twitter verification Mark, away they’re still the #1 Yeezy leaker account.

So since they’re our best chance at early and mostly accurate Yeezy news, we’ll take it. And hopefully, you manage to take home the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow when it drops in June, in a more sneakerhead-friendly way. 

Now that the official release date is announced you need all the preparation and good luck and tools you can possibly get. And if Yellow is not your color, there are plenty more Yeezys to come, also in June. Apparently, we will be having 1 more Yeezy dropping in June, the 350 V2 Butter. But if Yeezys aren’t your kicks anymore, Adidas is dropping a crazy collaborative collection with Dragon Ball Z.