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Reselling Cook Groups Guide: The 3 Retail Groups to Join!

By October 4, 2022Retail

Retail Reselling Cook Groups - AIO BotReselling cook groups might just be your one-way ticket to retail shopping success and making money online

So, “cook groups” might not be a term that you’ve previously come across. However, if you’re a sneakerhead or someone into shopping bots in general, then you’re probably well-versed in these communities. Yes, communities. Regardless, we’re here to tell you all you need to know about these groups and why you need them!

A “cook group” is basically a subscription-based group chat that you usually join through a Discord server. The main purpose and goal of these communities are to provide EXCLUSIVE early release details, guides, and more. Specifically for reselling cook groups, it’s all about inside information on exclusive drops on retail sites. Like Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and more. PLUS, you get bot personalized support and assistance on the best retail bots, how to set up your bot, best retail proxies, and more!

Reselling Retail Cook Groups GFX - AIO BotWhy Join Reselling Cook Groups?

Sneakerhead communities have always been one of the key movements for successful sneaker botting and sneaker reselling. But, are retail reselling cook groups as efficient and important as a sneaker group? Well, joining these retail communities definitely has its perks – some of which include:

  • Access to release guides
  • Perfect for anyone new to botting
  • Access to monitor for notifications on restocks
  • Get all the tips and help you need on retail botting
  • Exclusive information on releases like PS5 drops, GPUs, trading cards, Funkos, and more

However, if reselling cook groups don’t seem like the thing for you, you can always take the solo road. Take matters into your own hands and get all the information you need. Also, you can join our FREE hub for all kinds of retail shopping guides. Check it out yourself and become a retail botting master on your own! Click on the button for more!


#1 FlipSeek

FlipSeek is one of the best reselling cook groups for retail botting, lowkey flips, making money online, and more! It is THE hub for some good side-work for that extra cash in your pocket. Its features include:

Flip Seek - AIO Bot

    • 24/7 support
    • Tickets information
    • Information on lowkey flips
    • eBay Booster to boost your listings
    • Exclusive information on even more exclusive drops
    • $50 per month subscription
    • OOS

#2 Malice

Next, we have WE ARE MALICE – probably the creepiest-looking of all the reselling cook groups here. Regardless, they’re still as effective as it gets!

They are the epitome of a cook group with their main focus being Learning and sourcing knowledge. Also, their community is based on a lifestyle with catered growth to all its members. In short, it is a great place for resellers, collectors, and more! Its features include: 

We Are Malice - AIO Bot

    • Selling/botting tools
    • Dominate exclusive auctions 
    • Information on trending markets
    • Provides expert guidance and education
    • Individual coaching, video tutorials, workshops, and 1-on-1 support
    • $60 per month subscription
    • OOS

#3 Flipd AI

Finally, you can always check out Flipd AI.

This is one of the premium reselling cook groups out there! But, the thing that makes this particular group stand out is that it happens to be the home of Stellar AIO. Stellar is one of the best retail bots in the business! They also have their own proxies called “Stella Proxies” and an automation sneaker software called “Lumen AIO”. But, the features that put it on this list include:

Flipd - Reselling Cook Groups - AIO Bot

    • NFTs, retail, and sneakers
    • Ealy links and stock numbers
    • Free Beta access to Lumen AIO
    • Partnership with botting professionals
    • Access to 100% custom-coded monitors
    • Custom toolbox with profile manager, account generators, and more!
    • $39.99 per month subscription
    • In Stock