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From Reselling Sneakers to Sneaker Bots: The Magic of ‘OOS’

By February 13, 2019October 29th, 2020Bot, Food for thought, Sneakers

Today, in the world of sneakers, reselling is going beyond sneakers. Now you can sneaker bots and tools, like your cook group memberships. Which brings us to the question, is the “limited-stock” label getting out of hand? And are Out-of-Stock sneaker bots better in terms of performance?

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Value is Relative

Hustler Mindset. Buying a product and selling it for a higher price. It’s nothing new. People have done this from the beginning of time. Yet they didn’t use cash money back then. They traded goods for in return for others, whether or not it was actually worth it. Value is relative, and at the end of the day, it’s all business. Buying bulk of items at wholesale prices and selling them for double or triple their cost, isn’t that what all business do anyway?

Reselling goods is a quick way to make money easy. Except in the sneaker world, this means you have to have something that is of value to others in order to legitimize the price point. If you try to sell a sneaker that someone can find for less somewhere else, they probably won’t buy it from you, like what happened with Yeezys. But if you have a sneaker that can’t be found anywhere else, that’s when you can list your price on like StockX and wait for the next highest bidder.

But today, the reselling culture has gone beyond just sneakers or Supreme. People are now selling the tools that helped them get their hyped items. And the only reason they can do that and get away with it is all because of the words, Out of Stock.

Reselling Sneaker Bots: The Magic of ‘Out of Stock’

“Out of Stock” and “Limited Quantity” is a trend. Lately, many sneaker bots are going out of stock, offerings monthly to yearly announcements of when they’ll be available. This gives an exclusive edge to those who own the bot but doesn’t necessarily mean that their bot is any better than bots available on the market any time of year. Nevertheless, there are entire websites dedicated to helping you find and sell sneaker bots that are out of stock. Prices can hike up to thousands of dollars for a single copy.

For example:

Food for thought

How are out-of-stock bots any better than in-stock bots? Do you just get the illusion that they’re better by reading the words Out of Stock? If an in-stock bot purposely went out-of-stock for a whole year, would you want it even more? Is it all in your head?

Reselling Cook Group Memberships

Cook Groups

There are entire communities of sneakerheads and sneaker resellers called Cook Groups. Basically, a cook group is like a group chat, held either on Discord or Slack, where elite sneakerheads, resellers, sneaker fanatics, and collectors join to discuss sneakers, upcoming releases, monitor drops, compare bots, and etc.

How to join Cook Groups

While you can still find and join free cook groups, like Sneaker Community or Sneaker Squad, you generally need to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee in order to join an elite one. Some of the most hype cook groups are so exclusive that they only allow a certain number of members to join on an invite-only basis. Only the owners can decide who gets in the cook group, and only they can decide when they’ll ever invite more people. Imagine it like a secret society that you’re not part of- and never will be.

Buying or Selling Cook Group Memberships

Ex-members of these groups will gladly sell you their membership if you’re willing to pay up. You can usually find people who “WTS” (Want to Sell) or “WTB” (Want to Buy) cook group memberships or subscriptions on Discord or Twitter. Tempting offers on these platforms don’t stop at cook group memberships, you will also find people selling sneakers and sneaker bots here.


In a community ample with expert sneakerheads and veteran botters, it’s crazy how three letters have such a big impact. OOS (Out-of-Stock) has the power to make things hype, increase resale value, and cause anyone to panic about copping. The phrase OOS instantly makes an item worth noticing. It creates a lust-driven by the need to want something- and be part of something -that not many people have access to.