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Retail Bot Proxy Guide for Walmart, Amazon, & Target!

By September 24, 2022Retail

Retail Bot Proxy Guide - AIO BotThe retail copping scene is no longer the way it used to be back in the day. It is a lot more difficult and a lot more competitive. However, it is also a lot more profitable than it used to be at the same time! Basically, it’s all about the person with the best bot and the best retail bot proxy!

Now, shopping bots aren’t hard to figure out. We’ve actually taken it upon ourselves to find the top-performing bots in the game. All of which can cop you all the best, exclusive items on Walmart, Target, Amazon, BestBuy, and MORE! You can buy the most expensive GPUs, limited-release PS5 consoles, five  MILLION dollar Pokemon cards, and anything else you want! Click here for the full list!

Retail Bot Proxy Guide 2 - AIO_BotBut, why can’t a retail bot cut it?

If you’re a sneakerhead who already knows what it’s like in sneaker botting, then you already understand. You see, anyone who gets into retail botting wants one of two things:
1. To make money reselling online
2. To avoid paying outrageous resale prices

Now to make money off of retail websites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, and more; you need a product. And, you can’t expect to make money reselling a single item – that’s neither smart nor effective. This ultimately means that you need to be able to buy these exclusive items in BULK. And, here’s where the retail bot proxy guide kicks in!

NOTE: You can also resort to address jigging instead. But, that does take up a lot more effort and is not always guaranteed to work. Check out our guide on address jigging here!


Before we start, you might feel a bit confused about what a retail bot proxy or a proxy is. That’s only natural if you’ve never used one before! So, if that’s true, we suggest you read up on our proxies guide before this. Click here for a full guide on botting proxies!

And, for a full list of proxy providers and where to find them, click on the button below! It has a detailed breakdown of all the best proxy sites out there. So, make sure you check them out!

Types of Proxies:
– ISP proxies
– Datacenter proxies
– Residential proxies

Best Proxies for Amazon
DCs & ISPs

Retail Bot Proxy Guide 1 - AIO BotFirst, we’re going to kickstart this retail bot proxy guide with Amazon! So, Amazon is a great place to catch restocks, especially for GPUs. They often host a lot of graphics card restocks which bots just EAT up! However, this means that it is HELLA competitive. Amazon is, in fact, one of the most heavily botted sites in the retail game. Mainly because it is also one of the best places to make money! Therefore, your choice of proxies should depend on SPEED. The faster, the better.

So, since we’re looking for speed, there are two main options you can go for on Amazon. The best proxies for Amazon are DC proxies or ISPs! 

Best Proxies for Target
Residentials & ISPs

Next, we’re taking our retail bot proxy guide to none other than crowd-favorite, Target! Target is yet another popular site for botting all kinds of exclusive items online. Specifically trading cards and limited-run gaming consoles. But, the thing is, target requires that you have accounts to purchase online. SO, your key to buying items off Target is the account and a Target bot

However, since Target often TARGETS IP addresses, it is important to offer your bot the right support with proxies. A proxy allows a dedicated IP address per Target account. In other words, what you’re looking for here is reliability and speed! Therefore, the best proxies for Target are Residential or ISPs

Best Proxies for Walmart
Residentials & ISPs

Proxy_Retail - AIO_BotAnd then, there’s Walmart – the most popular site for botting next-gen consoles, trading cards, and GPUs. Now, the retail bot proxy choice you go for Walmart is super important. Because, you see, Walmart uses a special type of anti-bot protection that uses CAPTCHA. But, most retail bots have integrated CAPTCHA solvers which isn’t the issue. The issue is that, when the site is heavily botted, you get TONS of CAPTCHAs thrown your way.

To avoid this, you resort to proxies. For this, you need clean and reliable proxies that won’t give you away! The best proxies for Walmart are Residential or ISP proxies!  They will give you the best chance with their reliable IP addresses and won’t get flagged! 

And that’s it for the retail bot proxy guide! Everything you need to cop the main retail sites and get you going! With this knowledge, we’ll be seeing you soon on the resale side of things!