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The Top 3 Biggest Retail Trends for the Year 2023

By January 18, 2023Retail

The Top 3 Retail Trends of 2023 - AIO BotThe year 2022 has not been exactly kind to the top most profitable industries in the world: sneakers, NFTs, and the retail industry. But, it did help set the tone and trend for the upcoming year. And so, according to our research, we’ve come up with 3 retail trends you should look out for in 2023!

After the NFT market crash, we were still able to come up with NFT trends that guaranteed success this year. And, as for the sneaker industry, the jury is still out. After Adidas ended its partnership with Kanye West, and Nike with Kyrie Irving, things have yet to settle. However, we’ve got our own thoughts on what’s to come for sneakers. But, for that, you gotta keep it locked on our blog and Instagram @aiobot for the latest updates.

As for the retail trends, we’ve got them locked! This is the industry that has suffered the least out of all three in 2023. In fact, if you’ve been a part of our retail hub this past year, we expect you made some good cash! If not, it’s not too late to join. So, before you get into the upcoming trends, make sure you first join our FREE hub for retail knowledge. Click on the button below to join!


So, according to the market and audience behavior in the past few months, we’ve established 3 retail trends to follow. These trends are guaranteed to make you money in 2023 and get you into the inner circles. The thing about this GIGANTIC industry is that it’s always changing and adapting. Therefore, you have to stay on top of the trend lines!

#1 The Metaverse Trend

First, the biggest of all the retail trends coming up is the Metaverse Trend or the NFT trend. Non-fungible tokens have taken over in the past 2 years, despite the changes in the market. And so, the retail industry is slowly moving towards a more tokenized approach and the use of web3 technology. So, being a part of the Metaverse is the trend for both producers and consumers in 2023.

The biggest telltales?
1. Walmart’s Roblox land
2. The Shopify NFT store
3. eBay acquiring an NFT marketplace

All of this indicates a huge shift towards a digitized and tokenized approach for the retail industry. Therefore, we suggest you start educating yourself on all things NFTs. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing for you! Click here to find out everything related to non-fungible tokens.

#2 The Product Trend

Next, another part of the 2023 retail trends is, naturally, the Product Trend! Knowing which products you should invest your money in is definitely a time saver. And you know what they say, time is money people! So, you shouldn’t waste your time this year doing A/B testing for profitable products to sell. When you’re researching the best products to sell on Amazon, for example, you’ll get a lot of vague categories. But, not actual products.

However, if you’re serious about making good cash, it’s down to 4 products:
1. Sneakers
2. Graphics Cards
3. Trading Cards
4. Gaming Consoles

Click here for more extensive information on getting your hands on the four products above. Also, this is where the best retail bots come into play. You want the best retail products to make the most amount of money? Get a retail bot.

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#3 The Platform Trend

Finally, the last of the retail trends is the Platform Trend – aka, the marketplace. Once you’ve decided on a product, finding the best place to sell stuff online can be a hassle. There are fees, security concerns, shipping issues, and a lot more. Also, there happens to be a SH!T-TON of platforms out there trying to bring in all kinds of sellers. But, you want to use a platform that attracts a lot of users too.

We’ve done our homework. For resellers in the retail game, the only two best places to resell stuff online would be Amazon and eBay. According to, their total visits for the last three months of 2022 are, on average:
Amazon 2.6B
eBay 734M

Check out our deeper comparison of Amazon vs eBay here. But, the trend is pretty obvious, they’re the marketplaces to go for! If you’re not interested in either, there are other sites you can check out. However, the trend has spoken. Learning how to become a reseller on both Amazon and eBay is pretty easy too. So, make sure you look into it!

On a final note, although there may be other retail trends out there, these three are the main focus. If you wanna be within the relatable loop, aka where the real money is, stick to them! And, follow our journey for more information on all the latest trends, updates, and constant success!