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Retail Sites & Shopping Bots

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of sneaker reselling profits, you’re probably looking for more! Reselling – as a side hustle – can be such a money maker and the thought of expanding is always on the back of your head. And that’s why retail sites and retail bots became a thing: to help you capitalize on your botting experience and provide you with more options for items to buy and sell.

But, as with sneakers, not any item you buy would do. You can’t cop a widely available item and expect to make a reselling profit. Similarly, you don’t buy a pair of random sneakers and sell them for cash. You gotta know what’s in demand and how much they can make on the aftermarket. And you must know the top retail sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, AMD, and many more.

Amazon Price errors freebies bot


The Rise of Retail Bots

The increased demand for limited items like gaming consoles, Funko dolls, and exclusive Stanleys even made it possible for retail bots to secure a spot in this game. Using retail bots on sites like Amazon or Best Buy, you can auto-checkout any item from these sites FAST!
Much like sneaker bots, retail bots find the item you wanna buy, use your billing and shipping info, and check out faster than you can ever do.

Cash in From Amazon, Freebies, and Other Retail Sites

In addition to the classic items you can resell, Amazon sometimes has some pretty crazy offers for you. Either on purpose or accidentally, but either way, you can snag some amazing steals off Amazon.

So contrary to reselling sneakers like Jordans or Dunks, flipping just 1 mispriced item can make you times and times its price on the aftermarket. You can find many of these gems on Amazon’s Freebies section. And as the competition for some of these items can get heated, you’ll need a Freebies bot.

The other way to make money off Amazon is by securing items with price errors. Could be a toaster priced at $1, or a sleeping bag listed at $0.3. It can be anything, and they can launch at any time. So using a bot can help you detect, and purchase these items fast. Giving you all the chances to make profit by flipping them on reselling platforms like StockX.

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