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The 5 Most Ridiculous Supreme Resale Prices [SS19]

By September 21, 2019November 19th, 2022Fashion, Supreme

Supreme is a brand with ridiculously expensive resale prices; FACT. Supreme resale is probably one of the best ways to make some serious cash, and fast.  Their products are also crazy limited, so people put up everything they have to get their hands on Supreme items.
Supreme fans will buy anything, and we mean ANYTHING, with the red Box Logo on it. Just slap the word Supreme and its resale price skyrockets. The weirdest Supreme resale activities have happened a lot in the past, with items selling for thousands of dollars.

Then again, there have been some weird Supreme products, to begin with. People have bought and sold Supreme dog bowls, a Supreme crowbar, and a Supreme brick… A BRICK!
Did you know that that brick is on eBay now for a thousand dollars?
So if you’re looking into building yourself a brick house, the Supreme brick is your go-to purchase.

And with that said, the Spring/Summer season of 2019 was no exception to the Supreme resale rule.
Honestly, it’s really a matter of which Supreme item is worth the cop and flip for buyers. So a few items from the SS19 season stand out big time when it comes to Supreme resale.

For starters, the Supreme Pearl Session Studio Select Drum Set in Red.
Most Insane Supreme Resale!Supreme Pearl Drum set

So this drum set manufactured by Pearl and branded with the classic Supreme red logo all over the bass drum and toms. It retailed at a nice sum of $4998.
Now that’s okay for a decent set of drums, especially since this set includes some
cymbals, hi-hats and a snare drum. So it’s a pretty sweet deal.
But this is Supreme we’re talking about.  The Supreme resale for this drum set has reached as high as $30,000 on Grailed and as low as $13,480 on StockX.
So like FIVE TIMES more? And if it’s really tough, you’d get a deal almost THREE times the retail price! 
Keep in mind that with $13,000 in your pocket, you could buy the Ultimate Stadium Rock Kit. Brand new.
Well, you could always spray-paint it red if you really want to!

What about the Supreme Meissen Hand-Painted Porcelain Cupid Figurine Multicolor?Supreme Meissen Hand-Painted Porcelain Cupid Figurine Multicolor

We’re not even going to go into the creepy promotional video for this figurine, but it’s worth mentioning that each and every one of these figurines was handmade and hand-painted by Meissen artisans. So a lot of work was put in the making of these figurines. Also, did we mention that this figurine retailed at $3,998?

The Supreme resale for this figurine was HOW MUCH?!

Well, this figurine was sold at an average of about $7,500. Yeah, that’s a lot of money to pay for a figurine of cupid making human-heart kebabs.
Meissen actually produces a variety of Cupid figurines, but none of them wears a white tee with the Supreme Box Logo on it!

So, maybe you’re more into casuals? Supreme’s got you!
Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt 

Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt Heather Grey

Seriously though, why wear a normal old hoodie when you could wear a crystal-studded one?! 1,201 crystals, to be exact.
No joke.

This is probably one of the reasons why supreme apparel is so popular. Creativity.
Well, this creativity retailed at $598. Easy. Yeah, easy MONEY! These hoodies’ resale is almost $1,800 on StockX! We said this once, and we’ll say it again: Supreme is the fastest way to quick money.
So basically, to celebrate Supreme’s 25th anniversary the Box Logo got some Swarovski bling-bling. What a fancy way to celebrate!

Crystal-studded casual white tee anybody?
Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Tee WhiteSupreme Swarovski Box Logo Tee White

So, Supreme and Swarovski also opted for a more casual summery white tee with exactly 1,161 crystals on the Box Logo. Supreme employees placed each and every one of these crystals by hand. We feel sorry for those guys!
Although these T-shirts retailed for $398, they sold out in a blink of an eye! And so, this is where Supreme resale kicks in. These fancy white tees had a resale price of $1,000, on average. That’s a thousand bucks on a white tee.
C’mon Supreme!

Wanna be one of the cool kids?
All you need is a Supreme Worn Leather Varsity Jacket… and a brick?Supreme Worn Leather Varsity Jacket Blue

So many of you are probably wondering, where’s the Box Logo? Hate to break it to you, but the Box Logo isn’t Supreme’s only logo! They actually have many different logos, like the motion logo or the Arabic logo!

This jacket sports the Script style logo! The bae sizes for this one happen to be very rare too! So you wouldn’t come across this in small for instance. This jacket was actually put on Grailed for $1398 in red, even though it initially had a retail price of $698, just because it was a size small!
But even for the regular size, these dope jackets went for an average of $1,000 either way! Talk about some sick Supreme resale.

There are a lot of things we don’t know about Supreme, but we do know that supreme is lit.
If they’re dropping matches, we’re getting ourselves some matches. And whichever brand Supreme collaborates with, we’re falling in love with, right away!
It’s just how it is.