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Rihanna Super Bowl VS Kanye Donda Hearing – Coincidence? 

By February 14, 2023Sneaker News, Yeezy

Rihanna Super Bowl Performance - Kanye West - AIO BotWe really have to give it to Kanye West for his ability to stir things up in the industry… even when he IS NOT THERE! This is exactly what we saw happen with the Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show – after 7 years of being MIA.

Who would have thought that Ye would have the power to steal the limelight of Bad Gal Riri’s return? Well, we can’t say he “stole it” considering that Rihanna ATE during her performance. But, the talk of the industry after the performance is currently all about Ye! If you missed Riri’s performance, you can catch the 13 minutes of epic history-making here. Once you see it, you’ll know what everyone’s been talking about. Or, if you’re just here for the Kanye content, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s recap a bit of the thing that happened before the Rihanna Super Bowl 2023 thing, okay? 

So, the Rihanna Super Bowl performance, as the netizens have described, looks heavily influenced by Kanye West. In what specific ways? We’ll get right into it!



Kanye West Donda OutfitFirst things first, we’re going to start with the outfit of choice for the Rihanna Super Bowl performance. Now, we can’t call it a coincidence, because, if anything, it’s an exact replica of another outfit. The one that Kanye West wore during his Donda listening party in 2021 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Ye wore an all-red outfit with a red Yeezy GAP round jacket and the infamous Yeezy 1050s in Hi-Res. And, of course, the controversial face mask. Thankfully, Rihanna let that part out opting for gloves instead!

However, she had everything else pretty much down to the T.

That’s the first thing we saw during the Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show! She had a bright-red jumpsuit on with a bodysuit underneath. The “Work” singer had on a matching red tank top with matching pants and paired the look with a jacket.

A red Alaïa puffer coat. Keyword, PUFFER.

She ended the performance in a floor-length sleeping bag jacket in the same shade of red. As a tribute to the late André Leon Talley. The entire outfit, down to the shoes, looked extremely similar to Kanye West’s DONDA party outfit. Let’s get into the sneakers!


Rihanna Super Bowl OutfitSo, we’ve already established that Kanye wore the Yeezy 1050s to his listening party. A vibrant orange-colored boot with a singular zipper lacing system. They were the all-new take on Yeezy boots with a different approach to color and design. Definitely, a moment no one could forget in Yeezy history.

During the Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show, she had on a pretty surprising, but similar sneaker. Rihanna’s sneakers were a pair of  Maison Margiela x Salomon sneakers. They featured chunky heels, rubber outsoles, and the same color scheme as the Yeezy Hi-Res!


Finally, the last key point of similarity between the Rihanna Super Bowl performance and Kanye’s party was the stage. This a very important point that we can not overlook! Rihanna sang on a floating stage with the lights of the audience shining bright like a diamond!

But, this is also something that Kanye West did FIRST!

During the 2016 Saint Pablo tour, Kanye performed on a floating platform, floating 15 feet above the crowd. It was a full-length sci-fi flight performance suspended on a raging audience. He was tethered to the stage, as was Rihanna, and pulled across the arena by a pulley system. Now, to say that Riri’s stage took no inspo from Ye would be stretching it at this point!

Rihanna Super Bowl Stage - Kanye Floating Stage


Yes, there’s more to the Rihanna Super Bowl performance than just these three key points. Other than Rihanna announcing her pregnancy with her second baby, there’s the choice of music! She sang a medley of her songs which included “Umbrella,” “Work,” “Diamonds,” “Only Girl (In the World)” and “We Found Love”.

But, it also included her 2010 collaboration song with Kanye West, “All of the Lights.” And her trio collaboration song with Ye and Jay-Z, “Run this Town”. However, both artists were not present.

People had a lot to say about the Rihanna Super Bowl performance and how it was definitely inspired by Ye. Notably, one fan said,
“Rihanna performance was inspired by Kanye. i ain’t capping” – big BASE🦅

Where does Rihanna stand when it comes to Kanye? Does Rihanna and A$AP Rocky still support Ye? According to the Sun, Rihanna still supports Kanye despite being canceled. So, maybe this was her way of showing it. Or, just another publicity stunt to stir the pot a little? OR, this is just setting the path for Ye’s comeback? 

We’ll have to wait and see! So, keep it locked on our blog and Instagram @aiobot for more updates!