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Salehe Bembury x New Balance: The Rolls Royce of Sneakers Grows Fur

By October 6, 2020July 14th, 2022Sneakers

SALEHE BEMBURY AIO FEATSalehe Bembury, the VP of mens footwear at Versace, is teaming up with the renewed version of an esteemed New Balance model: the 2002R. But before we get into the furry deets, did you know that Bembury designed the Yeezy boots before he left Ye for Versace? Why, you may ask? Well, the fact that he is described by Sneakers Magazine as “one of the most ambitious creatives in the footwear industry” may drop you a fat hint as to why he pursued a career beyond Yeezy. Considering that Kanye left Nike in pursuit of “creative freedom,” it would’ve been toxic (although fun!) to watch those two big fish go at it in a small tank! So, this way Kanye gets to be the lord of his own universe and Salehe gets to evolve to his potential. Or in his own special words, proceed toward “a road of peace.”

The New Balance 2002R Star Is Born

When it first launched in 2010, the New Balance 2002 was dubbed “the Rolls Royce of Running Shoes” for its exceptional technique and American identity. Since New Balance is the only sneaker company that strictly manufactures its footwear in the US. Re-dubbed the 2002R in 2020, the model underwent a few updates. Among them being the forefoot now encased in ABZORB foam. Which is a superior blend of foam cushioning and rubber. 

There are notably 5 2002R silhouettes on the market, including the upcoming Versace-infused collab. So it’s a pretty rare catch that’s just sprouting wings. With its thisisneverthat collab releasing only recently on September 21st. And two OG colorway tributes dropping this week on October 10th. Looking back at New Balance’s performance this year with its release chain of 327s, 992s, and better days, we expect this act of rejuvenation to be rewarded! No wonder it teamed up with an ambitious designer to announce its journey into the realm of sneakers.

Salehe Bembury x New Balance 2002R

Ever been to the Antelope Canyons of Arizona? Well, your feet are about to with this mind-blowing collaboration. Although rocks are, well…hard, Salehe Bembury’s genius softens the appeal of this rocky paradise. With earthy orange hair suede and a fluffy blue N logo. Like a water symbol that catches you off guard in the middle of the desert. A concept reminder of the Bodega x New Balance “Better Days” release. Talk about a natural balance!
In addition to its light mustard net underlays and burgundy outsole, this sneaker is a serious masterpiece. It’s like looking into the Canyons from three different light perspectives at once! Since you’re getting the dark reds that hide in the shadows and the balmy oranges that live for sunlight! The furry spectacle is currently valued at $1,000 and is anticipated to rise even more

SALEHE BEMBURY NEW BALANCE 2002RRelease Date: 23 October 2020
Retail Price: $150

Keep Rocking at Retail

Expect this first ever Salehe Bembury New Balance pair to drop on New Balance soon. And by the looks of its aftermarket status, the last thing you’ll want to do is cop this monument on resale. That is if you want to save about 10 times its retail worth. This is the first collaboration between a Versace pioneer and a budding NB model. The sneaker spells CONTEMPORARY! There’s a first time for everything, right? This is one of those times. So, to keep the process at retail’s bay from A to Z, AIO bot is your ideal option to cop those kicks. Did we mention it only costs $175 more than the sneakers that’ll rock your world?
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