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All About Japa-Sneaks With the Sean Wotherspoon Asics Collab!

By June 23, 2020July 21st, 2020Fashion, Sneakers

SEAN WOTHERSPOON ASICS AIO FEAT“Anything is possible!” When the ultimate sneakerhead juggles hype sneakers and is rooted in YouTube culture, Kevin Garnett can’t go wrong. We’re talking about Sean Wotherspoon and his first mind-blowing Nike design contest winner in 2018. The Air Max 97/1 was inspired by Sean’s love for vintage and corduroy. It star-featured the Air Max 1 sole unit and the Air Max 97 upper in a colorful array. Retailing for $160 only, it is currently reselling for an average $1,028. In fact, a pair was sold on StockX for $1,250 while writing this blog post! And now, a long-awaited SW release has been revealed and set for no later than June. A color-mismatched Sean Wotherspoon Asics design with Atmos branding. Three collab’s the must-cop charm! And it looks like Wotherspoon is bringing his A game. With Asics, Atmos, and possibly Adidas Superstar pretty soon. So st-AYE locked!

Sean Wotherspoon Asics With Atmos Labels!

The Asics Gel Lyte 3 digs deep into Japanese streetwear culture. Atmos branding is tagged on the side for a collaborative push. Whereas Asics receives a sticking ovation with Velcro red, yellow, blue, green, and black brandings. For an absurd dab of customization. And as anticipated, the corduroy color patterns on the sneakers are LA and Tokyo inspired. The left pair represents “Tokyo at Dusk” in tinted shades and deep purple. And the right pair “Bright LA Hues” with beach blues and yellows. It’s kinda like the perfect revenge pair after breaking up with Nike.

Release Date: 27 June 2020
Retail Price: ¥17,500 (approx. $163)

So we’ve got custom patches, corduroy paneling, a cultural mashup, and a combo of three! Resale is gonna want this but you wouldn’t want this on resale. If it’s got super limited stock, flipping a pair would side hustle you through summer! And since it’s dropping in adult and kids sizes, your little sneakerhead deserves a piece of that hype!

Not Just Sneakers but a Style Pack!

The versatile Sean Wotherspoon Asics collaboration isn’t dropping solo. We’re also expecting corduroy tote bags, satchels, and co-branded T-shirts in possibly five colorways. With Atmos branding at the center and the Sean Wotherspoon logo replacing the big O. The wait was worth it because this deal is sugar packed! And it will hit
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