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2 New Releases to Prove Sean Wotherspoon is Over Nike

By Last Updated on: January 4th, 2020 Sneakers No Comments
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  • January 4, 2020
Sean Wotherspoon Asics

Who IS Sean Wotherspoon?

You might have first heard of the man back in 2018 when he created one of the best sneakers of that year. The Nike Air Max 97/1 But he’s taken his first steps into the sneaker industry long before that.
Sean Wotherspoon’s first appearance in the sneaker game was back in 2013. When he co-founded Virginia-based sneaker store “Round Two”. The special thing about this store is that it allows Sean Wotherspoon Nike Air Max 97/1sneakerheads to sell their kicks for cash, rather than consignment. And that’s a win-win situation providing the sellers with money, and giving the store a chance to resell the sneakers for a lower price than their competitors. Today, the “Round Two” store has 7 locations across the US.

But the Sean Wotherspoon legacy and history don’t really stop here. Not with all that happened in 2019 and what’s coming in 2020!

In 2015 Sean started “Round Two The Show” on YouTube documenting his endeavors in the sneaker game. And the show is still on.

However, it’s 2017 that witnessed the real breakthrough of Sean Wotherspoon. That year, Sean won the vote forward Air Max Day Contest and released his first, and most iconic, pair of sneakers: the Nike Air Max 97/1. And if you don’t really recognize the name, maybe some pictures can refresh your memory.

But aside from the incredible aesthetics and meticulous attention to details these Air Maxes are special on a different level. It’s been a little less than 2 years on its initial release, and the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max is making a LOT of MONEY for its owners on reselling platforms. And by a lot we mean 600% profit over the MSRP of $160.

What After the Air Max 97/1?

Sean Wotherspoon’s journey in the sneaker industry is far from over. Like very far! The iconic designer is soon releasing a new collaboration, a triple collab in fact, alongside Asics and Japanese streetwear brand Atmos. 

In a recent IG post, Wotherspoon expressed his joy of co-creating the next big pair with a legend like Hirofumi Kojima, director of Atmos. Now, collaborating with such an influential man isn’t the only big deal here. Actually, it’s the sneaker brand whose shoes they’re going to revamp.

After years of Adidas, Nike, and Jordan Brand fighting to dominate the game, New brands are joining. And it seems that brands like Japan-based Asics are finally keeping up. The sneakers utilized next are the Asics Gel Lyte III. And from the previews, it seems that we’ll get them in Kids sizes as well

Sean Wotherspoon x Asics x Atmos 

The Wotherspoon version of the Gel Lyte III features multicolored corduroy panels (major Air Max 97/1 Vibes) with the one-of-a-kind split tongue. The Red and Yellow ASICS’ side stripes are actually removable. And the final touch is the Atmos branding bursting out of the left shoe’s heel. 

Sean Wotherspoon’s Asics are yet to have an official release date, but we’re ok just knowing they’ll come to life soon.

He’s Really Over Nike Have a Nike Day Sean Wotherspoon

We don’t know if it’s Kanye’s story all over again. Sean Wotherspoon recently announced that he’s done with Nike for now. But the fact that he’s working on sneakers with Asics and Nike’s biggest rival Adidas, has us thinking he’s done for good.

Maybe Sean’s weighing his options before going full-time with one brand. And as much as we hate having to wait, maybe forever, for a new pair like the Air max 97/1, we’re all in for Sean Wotherspoon “spreading his wings again”.

There still aren’t any sneaker peeks or images of whatever it is Sean’s working on with Adidas. And this got us thinking we’ll meet the Asics before.

However, the big issue here is Nike. The same way Sean Wotherspoon is taking a break from Nike to spread his wings, Kanye left about 6 years ago to liberate his creativity. And eventually ended up with Adidas. So it always seems that what Adidas lacks in sales, they make up for in creative freedom, uniqueness, and major collaborations.

And in case Sean ever ends up with Adidas, this would be another big loss for Team Nike. So, we’re looking forward to seeing whether or not Nike would step up their creative game and learn that sneakers are as much about the looks as they are about performance.