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Ye Shocks Fans With A Secret Yeezy Show: YEEZY SEASON 10

By May 4, 2023Sneaker News, Yeezy

AIO - Secret Yeezy ShowAdidas Kanye: The duo everybody has been talking about lately. Matter of fact, ever since Adidas dropped Kanye, not a month passes by without some drama. It’s just the ritual with these two. Whether they’re together or not, there will always be something not right. However, we got to say it. The sneaker industry has been feeling Yeezy’s absence quite deeply. But it looks like that might change soon because Kanye himself finally showed up! Well, kind of showed up… hosting a SECRET Yeezy show. And let’s just say, the industry’s in a frenzy now. Will Kanye bring Yeezy back? Will the industry surge in sales like the good ol’ days? Let’s find out.

So, Yeezy’s partnership with Adidas was one of the major Adidas collaborations. It was like the Jordan Brand to Nike. Except their relationship wasn’t as healthy. On the other hand, we really thought they would make up and rejoin forces again. Especially after rumors of the Three Stripes asking Ye to come back. The thing is, it didn’t end here. IVY PARK also left Adidas hanging out to dry. So, will Ye simply sidestep all that went down and rebuild his empire, solely? Is this what Yeezy Mafia’s reappearance out of the blue is all about? 

Secret Yeezy Show

So, it looks like Kanye West hasn’t only been enjoying his new marriage on a beach somewhere so far away. He rather was plotting and forming his plan B along with his wife. Let’s rewind a bit, shall we? On May 1, news of Ye hosting a secret YEEZY SEASON 10 fashion show in Los Angeles started hitting left and right. And although Kanye was nowhere to be seen during the show, sources have it that he was there prepping with his wife earlier in the morning.

The show invitation was posted by a Yeezy stan page on instagram. A mysterious kind of invitation at that, in which the show’s name was kept a secret and was called YZY FREE instead. Now, this secret Yeezy show took place in a rugged LA warehouse. Some believe this is going to be Ye’s first-ever Yeezy retail store. However, some believe the whole YEEZY SEASON 10 secret show wasn’t a full-on show but a mere teaser of what is about to come our way. 

The secret Yeezy show basically featured a bunch of skinheads dressed in skin-tight white T-shirts and black shorts or black pants. All while holding candles. And that’s about it

So, What Happens Now? 

Regardless of what’s going to happen. Yeezy or no Yeezy, if you’re a sneakerhead, ready to cop and make a business out of reselling hyped and exclusive sneakers, you’re at the right place. Because as you may know, Yeezy isn’t the only sneaker brand in existence. You got Nike, Jordan Brand, New Balance, and many others. And let’s not forget about Adidas, although they seem to have forgotten they have fans for a little while. But they seem to be making up for that as they finally started dropping some good shit. 

Anyway, if you want to start your copping AT RETAIL journey, there’s a whole detailed guide for you. Click below for the cheat sheet that will have you mastering copping like a real pro!