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The PROS & CONS of Buying and Running a Shoe Bot For Copping!

By August 11, 2016June 19th, 2021Bot, Sneakers

The PROS and CONS of Buying and Running a Shoe Bot - AIO BotPeople who don’t know much about the sneaker industry don’t normally get the hype around fresh sneaker releases. Unlike sneakerheads who literally plan their lives around the releases! It’s a literal bloodbath here! Everyone’s trying to get in on the clash of Titans – Adidas and Nike. It’s a hectic life to be a sneakerhead – especially with the constant epic drops. It’s all about the newest collaborations and the joined forces of the wildest sneaker designers. And that’s exactly why we’ve resorted to a shoe bot to cop sneakers for ages now!

The cutting-edge automation technology of sneaker bots elevates the hunt for legit ways to score the epic kicks we all want. It is the technology that has helped us cop sneakers in bulk and get into the world of sneaker reselling.

It all comes down to social media and online stores. They’ve both had a massive role in building up the fierce competition among sneakerheads. Taking into account that the virtual world has taken over, copping has become fair game.

And what’s our cry? SHOE BOTS INTO ACTION!

What Is a Shoe Bot & How Does It Help?

Adidas Yeezys Reselling Business - AIO BotA shoe bot, AKA a sneaker bot, is an automated software that optimizes your chances of copping hyped releases. These are the releases with high resale values and limited stock! They sell out so fast that human speed is not enough to get the job done. 

Since most online retailers typically allow one pair per person. So, you can see how that presents an issue for resellers. 

To cop more than one hot pair of sneakers at retail, you need a shoe bot. There’s no other way. No cap. Unless you’re a sadist who prefers to bruise and raffle. So, why would you allow yourself to go through such torture? You’re perfectly capable of copping as many sneakers as you want! You just need some help from a friend. A shoe bot friend.

Pros & Cons of Operating a Shoe Bot

PROS and CONS of a Sneaker_Bot - AIO_BotIf you’re here looking for reasons to tip the scale on the whole shoe bot idea, then stick around. Because, as much as we believe in the power of sneaker bots, there are a few cons to the whole operation. We aren’t gonna lie to you.

It’s true, sneaker bots are available to basically anyone who decides to make a move. But, there are a few things to be aware of. Here’s what to know before you buy a shoe bot!

The PROS Botting!

PROS of a Sneaker_Bot - AIO BotShoe bots operate at superhuman speeds!

Think of the time it takes you to select items, add to cart, and check out. In that time, a bot will have finished at least 10 checkouts. This is also due to the fact that sneaker bots provide you with the ability to finish multiple tasks simultaneously.

AIO bot, for example, offers users up to 100 running tasks. This is possible because bots efficiently use a wide range of proxies that mask your true location. In other words, you’ll run tasks under multiple identities. 

This helps you stay safe from anti-bots on various sites, which as their name suggests, are responsible for keeping unwanted bots out of their systems.

Also, if you’re always online, you’ve probably developed the CAPTCHA complex. Like, yes we’re human! The CAPTCHA complex is the emotional complexity that results from manually solving CAPTCHAs. 

Well, because CAPTCHAs drains both energy and time, shoe bots solve them for you in milliseconds! This helps cut wasted time and delivers faster checkout processes. 

Let’s not forget that every shoe bot in the industry has different features: a unique list of supported sites, and a history of success. However, one of the most important features is Discord support. This allows users to join a group chat with other fellow botters to learn about hyped releases before they drop and receive early release links to cop kicks first. 

Feeling sort of hooked and want to know more about this legit path to fortune? Click here for the ultimate sneaker guide!

CONS of Running a Shoe Bot!

CONS of a Sneaker_Bot - AIO_BotSince there is, without doubt, a downside to every worldly practice; the main downside to sneaker botting is that copping is NOT guaranteed. A shoe bot isn’t 100%, but it can get pretty close.

Due to human and/or “artificial” errors, bots may crash on release day. Devs may not deliver crucial updates on time, proxies may fail, or an unstable connection may sabotage the whole mission. 

Let’s not forget the threat of anti-bots. If high-security sites invest in their anti-bot systems, bots may fail to break the code immediately! And then, there’s the COST

A lot of shoe bots on the market are CRAZY expensive! But, in the case of AIO bot, it is actually pretty affordable! At a retail price of $325, you’ll get your cashback in no time. Just think, that’s a tiny bit over the retail price of your average Yeezy!

Most shoe bots out there are always out of stock and resell for thousands of dollars per copy! Not to mention the license key renewal fees that typically charge you money every 6 months. In addition to the money, you’ll need good quality proxies and servers

Don’t let the list of payments fool you though. Even if you wanna cop without a shoe bot, you still have to get proxies and a server. The only difference is, your bot can use them more effectively. It all comes down to WHICH bot you buy! Click on the button to check out some shoe bot options!

Here’s Why There Are More Pros Than Cons

If you look closely at the pros and cons of operating shoe bots, you’ll realize that most of the cons apply to manual copping as well! As a result of code errors or overwhelming amounts of traffic on a targeted site, sites may crash on release day. 

Regardless of the fact that you’ve done everything right (or wrong!). Manual copping also does NOT guarantee success. If anything, the chances increase with sneaker botting because there is not as much room for human error. There is no texting, low-speed checkouts, and paying the delivery guy on a bot’s schedule! 

So, if you’re interested in joining the sneaker reselling industry, you’ve now got a clear head on what is more likely to work for you. Always make sure to keep it locked on AIO bot’s blog for updated information on how to succeed in the sneaker game.