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The Shoe Bot: PROS & CONS of Copping Sneakers with One!

By July 20, 2022Bot

The PROS and CONS of Buying and Running a Shoe Bot - AIO BotWhen you’re on the fence about getting a shoe bot, the best thing to do is a pro-con list! In other words, you weigh out the things you stand to gain versus the things you might lose! So, here’s how it goes… You’ve probably caught a user’s Twitter sneaker flex raving about the bots they used. And, now you’re thinking about getting one yourself. Aren’t you sick of copping Ls?

So, consider this your pro-con list to help you make a final decision on sneaker botting. And, if you wanna get more knowledge on sneaker bots, check out our list of free tutorials and guides below!

Pros - AIO_botTop 10 Botting Guides
1. Free Bots
2. Bots in Stock
3. Types of Bots
4. How do bots work?
5. Best bots of the game
6. What is a sneaker bot?
7. How to buy a sneaker bot?
8. How to setup a sneaker bot?
9. Where to rent a sneaker bot?
10. Guide to making your own bot


Shoe Bot Pro-Con List - AIO BotBefore we begin, we’re going to answer the question running around in your mind: why do you need a sneaker bot?

Well, despite the actual flex, a shoe bot’s main purpose is to buy super hyped sneakers, in bulk at retail. You can buy one or a hundred pairs of all the most popular sneakers in the game. AND, the best part of it all is that the bot finds the sneakers, adds-to-cart, and checks out. All the while YOU are just watching!

Also, it sets the path to your journey of possibly becoming a sneaker reseller and making $1,000+ a month! In short, there are endless reasons WHY you need a shoe bot. But, in the name of science, we’ll conduct our pro-con list below!


So, we’re going to give it to you straight – just as it is! We’re not going to sugarcoat things or make them seem too good to be true! Here’s what to know before you buy a shoe bot!



  • The superhuman speed with up to 100+ tasks per bot
  • Solves CAPTCHAs automatically
  • Uses proxies to help you cop multiple sneakers at the same time
  • Offers you access to the sneaker community through Discord support and cook groups
  • Supports various sites especially if it is an all-in-one
  • Automates the entire sneaker copping process all the way to shipment & delivery
  • Some bots can be a bit more expensive but you can always find affordable options
  • Not 100% guaranteed every time
  • Bots may crash on release day but the right servers help!
  • Certain bots may not be able to beat anti-bot systems

Furthermore, in relation to some of the cons, there are quick fixes that can instantly dissolve them! For example, when you’re talking about cost, one of the greatest bots in history JUST released its latest version. The latest upgrade of AIO Bot is now out at $299 per year. It is ALWAYS in stock, it supports 100+ sites, and allows you to run unlimited tasks! 

AIO Bot is the longest-standing shoe bot in the entire game. So, it is definitely one with the most experience of them all! You can learn more about AIO Bot by clicking on the button below! Trust us when we say, you’ll be completely sold! 

On a Final Note…

Cons - AIO_BotFinally, if you take a closer look at the pro-con list and really think about it, you’ll notice something. If you choose to cop without a bot, you’ll most definitely not win. You’ll first lose all the benefits of using a bot and lose any chance of ever copping sneakers. Plus, eventually, you’ll be stuck paying resale!

Also, you should know that all the talk about botting being difficult is a MYTH. One that anti-botters and maybe even resellers created to keep you out of making a profit! And, it is also 100% completely legalSo, now that you know all that comes with a shoe bot, you can finally make an informed decision.

And, if you’re interested in joining the sneaker reselling industry, you know what you gotta do!