The Pros & Cons of Buying and Running a Shoe Bot

By August 11, 2016 November 25th, 2020 Bot, Sneakers

SHOE BOT AIO FEATPeople who don’t know much about the sneaker industry don’t normally get the hype around fresh sneaker releases. Unlike sneakerheads who literally plan their lives around the releases they aspire to buy, or as we call it in the sneaker game: cop. With giant brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas Yeezy, and many others dropping hot releases and collaborations every day of the week, it ain’t all fun and games in the footwear aisle. Sometimes, feelings get hurt. When sneaker fans miss out on a I-must-have-you-now pair of Jordans or Yeezys, they hunt for legit ways to score the kicks they want. Hence, the existence of yours truly, the shoe bot: an automated software program that helps users cop multiple hyped pairs of sneakers.

Social media and online stores have had a massive role in building up the fierce competition among sneakerheads. Taking into account the news leaks, early teasers, and the at-home flexibility of online shopping. Sneakerheads who picked up the tech revolution from the start and planned their performance around it have made it big. It’s proof to why the sneaker reselling industry is worth over 1 billion dollars! It’s a big fish game. You got to invest your money and time in high-tech tools to get your share of the ocean. Which brings us back to every pro sneakerhead’s totem: the shoe bot.

What Is a Shoe Bot & How Does It Help?

As mentioned above, a shoe bot, more commonly known as a sneaker bot, is an automated software, or robot, that optimizes users’ chances of copping hyped releases. Since sneaker releases with high aftermarket values and limited stock go out of stock in a flash, human speed is unlikely to get the job done. That is, of course, if serious coppers are also looking to cop multiple pairs and sizes of a hyped release. Since online stores typically allow one pair per person, you can see how that presents a hassle. 

To cop more than one hot pair of sneakers at retail before thousands of other users beat you to them, you’re in absolute need of a shoe bot. There’s no other way around an industry this bold and competitive. Unless you prefer to bruise and raffle for a dope pair of Yeezys. If you’re thinking “why not?”, think again! Because someone out there, who wants the exact same thing as you, is stocking up on tens of sneaker pairs from the comfort of their home. While you, a perfect equal, struggle to pin down a single pair. Makes sense to you now why people get hurt sometimes doing this? Especially those of us whose goal is to make money from home without the added chaos.

Pros & Cons of Operating a Shoe Bot

If you’re here looking for reasons to shoot for or drop the whole shoe bot idea in your head, well then stick around. Because as much as we believe in the power of sneaker bots in calling it a fair game, there are a few cons to the whole operation. It’s true, sneaker bots are available to basically anyone who decides to make a move, but there are things to be aware of if you find yourself on the edge of making a life-altering decision.


Shoe bots operate at superhuman speeds! Which means that in the time it takes an average human to select items, add them to cart, and check out, a sneaker bot will have managed multiple similar tasks all at once. This is also due to the fact that sneaker bots provide you with multiple tasks. AIO bot for example offers users up to 100 running tasks. This is possible because bots efficiently use a wide range of proxies, or IP addresses that mask your true location, to run tasks under multiple identities. This helps you stay safe from anti-bots, which as their name suggests, are responsible for keeping unwanted bots (again, yours truly) out of their systems.

If you’re a total internet explorer, you’ve probably developed the Captcha complex. Which is the emotional complex that results from manually solving Captcha. Well, because Captcha drains both energy and time, which is of the essence when it comes to copping, sneaker bots solve Captcha in a matter of milliseconds to maximize your copping chances! Since sneaker bots operate on a wide range of sites, this helps cut wasted time and deliver faster checkout processes. 

Every sneaker bot in the bot industry has different features, a unique list of supported sites, and a success history. However, one of the most important features that top bots share is Discord support. Which allows users to join a group chat with other fellow botters to learn about hyped releases before they drop and receive early release links to cop kicks first. SNEAKERS BOTTING AIO

How Do Sneaker Bots Facilitate Sneaker Reselling? 

With the pros listed above, it should come as no surprise that the key to reselling sneakers is buying a sneaker bot first. Not because botters look down at those who prefer to buy their kicks manually. There ain’t no clash in honor in the work we do. It’s simply because sneaker bots can carry out multiple tasks under multiple identities to cop multiple pairs. It’s a logical process that scores botters way more sneakers than non-botters. This is a race between humans and robots, not humans against each other. And pal, if you really look at it, bots only do what we want them to fulfill. 

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Since there is without doubt a downside to every worldly practice, the main downside to sneaker botting is that copping is NOT guaranteed. Due to human and/or “artificial” errors, bots may crash on release day. Devs may not deliver crucial updates on time, proxies may fail, or even an unstable connection may sabotage the whole mission. Another point worth mentioning is the threat of anti-bots (we see the irony too). If high-security sites invest money and brainpower into their anti-bot systems, bots may fail to break the code and gain access to the sites on release day. 

Another con to operating a sneaker bot is COST. Which shouldn’t come as a shock looking at what bots can offer on the long run. In the case of AIO bot, is paying a retail price of $325 less or more worth than potentially making thousands of dollars in the future? Doesn’t sound so cruel to your pocket, does it? That’s because we’re mainly pointing at out of stock bots that resell for thousands of dollars per copy! Not to mention the license key renewal fees that typically charge you money every 6 months. In addition to the money you’ll be frequently investing in good quality proxies and servers. Since you do want your bot to work up to its potential and your expectations, don’t you?

Don’t let the list of payments that come with buying a bot fool you though. Mainly because it’s an investment formula: you work on earning more than what you pay for. And secondly, because proxies and servers are also bought by manual coppers. The difference is, your bot can use them more effectively. Since humans are rationally incapable of performing at a robot’s level.

What If You Barely Know How to Use Your Keyboard?

There’s no need to panic if you’re not as tech-savvy as your hacker friends (if you have any). There are a bunch of step-by-step tutorials on how to operate shoe bots. AND they’re beginner friendly! Check out AIO bot’s super easy bot tutorial for a clear idea!

Every pro botter had to sit through several hour-long YouTube sessions to finally get the hang of it. If you’re a total freshie and are considering this business, it is guaranteed to grow on you if you commit to learning the ropes. You might, however, want to look for beginner friendly sneaker bots at first for an icebreaker. Click on the link below for the top shoe bots in the industry to discover your options!
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Here’s Why There Are More Pros Than Cons

If you look closely at the pros and cons of operating shoe bots, you’ll realize that most of the cons apply to manual copping as well! As a result of code errors or overwhelming amounts of traffic on a targeted site, sites may crash on release day. Regardless of the fact that you’ve done everything right (or wrong…). Manual copping also does NOT guarantee success. If anything, the guarantee increases with sneaker botting because there is not as much room for human error. There is no texting, low-speed checkouts, and paying the delivery guy on a bot’s schedule! 

So, if you’re interested in joining the sneaker reselling industry, you’ve now got a clear head on what is more likely to work for you. It helps if you save the infographic we put up for you as a reminder! You can rely on AIO bot’s blog for updated information on how to succeed in the sneaker game.
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