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The 5 CRAZIEST Myths About Shoe Botting [DEBUNKED]

By October 13, 2021November 29th, 2022Bot, Food for thought

5 Myths About Shoe Botting - AIO BotIf you’re just starting out in the sneaker industry, you’re gonna hear a lot of SMACK about sneaker bots. Lots of rumors and myths about the entire shoe botting process!

We might be a group of hustlers, but we sure like to keep the flying rumors in the game going. It’s all about the latest Nike scandals, all the Twitter drama between KKW and YM, and outrageous rumors about botting! Although we always try to act like we don’t really care, we live for the sneaker drama. BUT, we’re here to DEBUNK these falsetto myths once and for all!

Therefore, if you have a shred of confusement, fear, or anxiety about anything related to shoe botting; you’ll need this. Not only will you be more confident in botting, but you will also wanna learn how to join ASAP! Keep reading to find out more!


MYTH 1 - Sneaker_Bots Are Illegal - AIO_BotWe’re choosing to address this shoe botting myth first because that’s the one that circulates around the most. It also causes a whole lot of worry to anyone starting out in the game – totally understandable. But, here’s the thing: It’s an absolute LIE!

Sneaker bots are not illegal. In fact, none of the biggest sneaker brands in the industry seem to be bothered about them either. If they were, they would have taken legal action by now – which they haven’t! Yet, if you seem sure that you’ve read somewhere that they are; we’ll explain why! The only bots that are illegal are ticketing bots, NOT sneaker bots. Read more about that here!

Other than that, this shoe botting myth is DEBUNKED!


MYTH 2 - Sneaker_Botting Is Expensive - AIO_BotNext, we’ve got one of our favorite shoe botting myths: they’re expensive. It will most definitely cost you a kidney and you will HAVE to sign off your soul to the devil. Yeah, Satan’s a huge fan of copping the souls of weak sneakerheads. More LIES! 

Well, being completely honest with you guys, not completely. You see, some sneaker bots are indeed very expensive. But, no one said that you absolutely HAVE to go for the expensive bots! There are so many options out there that are very affordable and within reasonable price ranges. For example, AIO Bot only costs $299!
And, if you think THAT’S too much, then maybe botting is
NOT for you!

Plus, you can always check out rental bots to help you start out. Or, some sneaker bots – like AIO Bot – host Instagram and Twitter giveaways. In other words, you can score yourself a free bot too! Check out this list for the 7 things you should do before you even buy a bot.

In short, this shoe botting myth is also DEBUNKED!



MYTH 3 - Shoe Botting is Hard - AIO BotThird, shoe botting is too hard. But, we completely get where this is coming from. After all, sneaker bots are programmed software and lines of code designed to automate a human task! Understanding how bots work does sound very intimidating! Especially when you consider all the things that a sneaker bot does. Including:

And, it does all that in a few minutes! So, you’d think that sneaker copping would include lots of code and other programming shit. But, unless you’re making the bot from scratch, you won’t ever get into that! Once you learn to set it up, it is a complete BREEZE! It all comes down to using your bot in the most efficient way!

Therefore, another shoe botting myth DEBUNKED!


MYTH 4 - Sneaker_Bots Do Not Work - AIO_BotThis one hurts on a personal level – for real. This shoe botting myth sullies the good name of sneaker copping and botting all over the industry. In fact, the surfacing of the very first sneaker bot was all because of Nike itself. (Read about it here) Sneaker brands challenged the most brilliant sneakerheads in the game to do better, and WE DID!

Plus, you know haters only hate when something is way too good. But, if you don’t believe us, head to sneaker Twitter and check. We LOVE to boast and flex our shoe botting feats online. Therefore, you can see for yourself how real people have real success copping sneakers with bots. Testimonials of how epic you could be!

This myth is DEBUNKED! No cap.


MYTH 5 - Shoe Botting Does Not Make Money - AIO BotThis shoe botting myth is actually pretty funny. And, we’re pretty sure that by now you already know that it’s wrong too! You see, we’re sneakerheads. We are not idiots and we don’t make bad investments. We’re in this for the MONEY! And sneaker bots are the key to making money!

Here’s how it’s done! People get the bot, they buy tons of shoes in bulk, and then they sell them! In no time, they’d have their cash back and then some! Does that sound like a bad investment to you? And, if it was, why would there be so many people trying to be a part of it? Do the math. You’re smart, we know that. The resale market is a GIANT market that won’t seem to slow down any time soon!

Anyways, do you even know HOW MUCH MONEY resellers make every month? Way way WAY more than your 9 to 5, that’s for sure!

This myth? DEBUNKED out of the waters!