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Inflation Hits Sneakerheads: Shoe Pricing Crazy Increase!

By February 11, 2023Sneaker News

Shoe Pricing Increase - Inflation Hits Sneakerheads - AIO BotIf you haven’t noticed, recently life has been serving nothing but disappointment. And, as miserable as that sounds, that just happens to be the truth! We’ve gone through enough things in the past few years to create a trilogy blockbuster movie! And, sneakerheads would be the ones to star in it! This is mainly because our industry is the one that has seen the greatest amount of… well, SH!T. And now, the crazy shoe pricing increase is just the cherry on top.

2023 is serving INFLATION, fam.

So, a while ago we were looking for ways to survive the recession as a millennial. But now, we’re looking for ways to survive inflation as a SNEAKERHEAD. There is only so much bad news that our hearts can take: 

The only good news we got so far is Supreme’s switch to Shopify! Honestly, the rise in shoe pricing is just another thing we have to add to the list. But, we’re not going to be bitter. Instead, we’re going to be PETTY AF and point out all the most recent changes in sneaker prices. Yes, we’re THAT petty. 

But, then again, so is the Swoosh


We just want to point out that, although we mad… like MAd mad, we still love both Nike and the Jordan Brand. And, even if prices are a bit high, we’re still copping Jordans like there’s no tomorrow.

Sneaker copping is the only job that won’t “let you go” when things get tough. 

Even if inflation hits us square in the face, we’ll still be copping, reselling, and making money!

And so, with that said, the rise in shoe pricing – as annoying as it may be – ain’t slowing us down. Especially with people losing their jobs. This means that we gotta focus on sneaker copping more than ever. If there was once a time when you thought that sneaker copping is NOT for you, it’s time to reconsider. And, since time is money in inflation, we’re giving you a shortcut. Click on the button below for a sneaker copping cheat sheet to give you the creme de la creme of copping.


So, here’s why we’re particularly mad about this increased shoe pricing phenomenon. Well, mainly because prices of sneakers increased more in 2022 than in any year in the past 40 years! Now, THAT’S crazy – even for inflation. 

And, with Nike’s recent $1,500 Wings collection, it’s either a Jordan or your RENT!

According to the inflation calculator, the rate of shoe pricing increased 2.72% per year between 1935 and 2022. In 1982, aka 40 years ago, the rate of inflation for sneakers was 2.54%. Now, if you go back to sneaker history, you’ll notice that this was two years before Nike x Air Jordan.

What does that have to do with the rising rate of shoe pricing? Probably nothing. But, we’re still petty.

The increase in shoe pricing for Air Jordan 1s was just the beginning. The sneaker that cost $65 in 1985 should cost around $173 now. Nike and the Jordan Brand increased most of their prices by $10 over that. So… still reasonable. But, we have to give the sneaker brands some credit. Because, after all, the price of everything else has increased, not just sneakers. Therefore, it makes sense that the retail price of sneakers should increase! 

Shoe Pricing Increase - AIO BotOUTLOOK

Apparently, the increase in shoe pricing won’t continue for long – or so the experts say. This is because most pandemic restrictions have been lifted and factories are back in action. However, we have to take into consideration the possible recession. So, we gotta be prepared for anything that comes our way.