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5 Shoes for Big Feet Recommended by Bigfoot’s Style Guru

By September 1, 2020July 14th, 2022Sneakers

SHOES FOR BIG FEET AIO FEAT“I have big feet.” “Will these shoes make my feet look smaller?” “They probably don’t make these in my size.” If you know or happen to be someone with above-average sized feet (whatever that means since size is a subjective scale!), finding shoe brands that are equally stylish and comfortable might have been an on-going challenge. Especially growing up. As if acne and uncalled for BO aren’t enough of a psychological burden. If you’re looking for hip shoes for big feet, these brands will cover you for life. But before we get to that, let’s look at the cup half full first, shall we?

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The Perks of Having Big Feet

The ancient cultures of the world viewed big feet differently than modern society does today. Most deities and gurus were sculpted with enormously big feet. As a symbol of presence and guidance. The Hindus bowed to the feet of their deities for enlightenment. And till this very day, kneeling to touch the feet of your elders is a respect custom in Hindu culture. 

But if you’re looking for a less symbolic perk that might actually change the way you perceive your feet, think of balance. Our feet are our shock absorbers and weight supporters. It is scientifically proven that big feet equals better balance. Ever thought of Olympic runners, professional swimmers, and basketball players? Humongous feet, right?! For what it’s worth, Usain Bolt is a size 13 and Michael Phelps is a size 14. How about that for foot-shaming? Just because the society you happen to exist in doesn’t appreciate your natural build doesn’t make it any less capable.

5 Shoes for Big Feet That Will Not Crush Your Sole

Whether you feel like the next Michael Phelps or are still working on your self-feet-steem, you first have to support your feet with the right sized shoes. If you’re not doing it for the love of it, do it for your bones and bunions. These 5 sneaker brands provide comfortable shoes for big feet. While sparing you the out-of-fashion anxiety. 


Although Vans fit true-to-size, consumers with big or wide feet might be confused as to whether that’s the case for them. Since they usually have to settle for one size larger than what they’re used to. This shoe size guide will help you find the right Vans size for a snug feel that lasts. If you also happen to have flat feet, Vans Old Skool is known for its excellent shock absorption. The top two recommended Vans sneakers for big, wide, or flat feet are Vans Old Skool and Vans Slip-On. The California sunshiners offer adult sizes ranging from US 3.5 to US 14. Check their size chart for more info. P.S. round toes make your feet look smaller!


Did you know that Converse offers shoe sizes all the way up to US 23?! Converse is an undeniable crowd-favorite that’s been around since 1914. Low-cut classic Chuck Taylors are ideal shoes for big feet. One, their low ankle cut creates the illusion of smaller feet. Two, they are always in stock at affordable prices. When you wear Converse, you’re in sync with most of the world’s population. Meaning, your feet won’t stick out, if that’s what you’re worried about. Check this life-saving size guide to Converse Chuck Taylors.


Founded in 1914, Brooks is among the oldest sneaker brands with a running mission. Made by runners for runners, Brooks sneakers are doctor recommended for wide and flat feet. Although the sneakers adopt classic colorways that aren’t necessarily favorites, their plush cushioning and Crash Pad guarantee comfort and durability. While it lacks the casual street style of Vans and Converse, Brooks offers long-term medical support to those of you on the move! Because wearing a pair of Brooks can only mean one thing: constant motion. The top recommended model for your exceptional feet is the Brooks Addiction 13. Which offers large sizes and width selections.

New Balance 

NB is growing bigger than it’s ever been in 2020 as a sneaker icon. But did you also know that it designs sneakers for big and wide feet? If you’re into both health and wealth, this brand is for you. The foamy midsole and breathability of NB sneakers make your feet feel lighter than they are. The sneakers are also reviewed as “the perfect fit” right out of the box. With width options that support the breadth of your foot. Check out this NB size chart to find your NB size and stick to it! These classic colorways are sure to give you a function/fashion head start.


A Japanese sportswear company that translates to “healthy soul in a healthy body.” Asics provides runners and moving feet with wide-fitting sneakers that prevent toe rubbing. In addition to a list of factors that determine your true shoe size. Asics Gel is the top recommended model for foot problems and insecurities. The only downside is that the brand’s size chart is limited to size 12 US for men. So, it’s more for regular-sized wide feet than problem-free large ones.

Nothing Exceptional About Shoes for Big Feet

The top 5 brands listed above are sneaker brands you hear about every day. Brands that support both function and fashion are likely to expand their size charts to provide for all sizes. And width size selections have become popular among brands that support runners and workers. So, it’s no longer a challenge to find the best of both worlds for your feet. All you really gotta do is find the brands of your choice, stick to the right sizes, and hunt for the styles that speak to your feet.