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Shoes That Look Like Dunks: The Doppelgänger Series

By February 6, 2024Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Shoes That Look Like Dunks - Nike Dunk AlternativesDo you like Nike Dunks so much that you’re looking for shoes that look like them to add to your sneaker collection? Or is it the other way around? Or maybe, you’ve been getting lots of L’s on releases, and can’t afford resale market prices. Well, in case you relate to the latter, your solution is one click away. All you have to do is master your sneaker-copping game with the right guide. Click here to check it out. But in case this isn’t the main reason you’re here, and you just want to explore your options in terms of looking for shoes that look like Dunks, you’re at the right place. Read through for a full list of them! 

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Shoes That Look Like Dunks

New Balance 550

Shoes That Look Like Dunks - NB 550 - AIO BotOne pair of shoes that look like Dunks is the NB 550. Maybe you haven’t given it much thought before, but if you compare Nike Dunks with New Balance’s 550s, you’ll notice how much they look alike. For example, both designs feature multi-panel uppers to create a layered look that adds to the aesthetic of the shoes. This also allows for a mix of colors and materials. In addition, both designs feature prominent logos on the lateral sides: the N and the Swoosh. They also share the same herringbone outsole design.  

Adidas Forum Low

Shoes That Look Like Dunks - Adidas Forum - AIO BotIn addition to NB, we’ve got Adidas shoes that look like Dunks, namely the Forum Lows. Both of their uppers share the same combination of leather and synthetic materials, which gives them a classic appeal. Also, they share similar logo placements on the tongues and lateral sides. In addition, they often come in a combination of bold and contrasting colors, which pays tribute to their origins as basketball shoes

Reebok BB 4000

Nike Dunk Alternative - Reebok BB 4000 - AIO BotThe Reebok BB 4000s aren’t only shoes that are like Dunks, but they also provide great ankle mobility the Nike Dunks offer. This Nike Dunk alternative also shares somewhat similar paneling, as well as the combination of synthetic and leather materials, which gives them a trendy aesthetic and ensures durability. Also, they both come in a wide variety of colorways.  

Prada Downtown Low

Prada Downtown - Sneakers Like Nike Dunks - AIO BotNow, if you’re a boujee sneakerhead looking for shoes that look like Dunks, you can go for the Prada Downtown Low. It actually gives luxury Panda Dunks. In fact, it has similar color-blocking. However, the difference here, aside from premium materials, is the $1,075 retail price. That’s worth 10 pairs of Panda Dunks!

Bape SK8 Sta 

Nike Dunks Alternatives - Bape SK8 Sta - AIO BotLast, on the “shoes that look like Dunks” list, we’ve got the Bape SK8 Sta. This sneaker looks so much like Nike Dunks that Nike filed a lawsuit against the sneaker brand for supposedly infringing their sneaker trademarks. All in all, this is THE Nike Dunk alternative that shares nearly everything with the Dunks, except the logos.