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Dawn of the Shopify Bot: Your Go-To Tool for the New Year (2019)

By December 13, 2018July 25th, 2020Uncategorized

What is a Shopify bot?

A Shopify bot is not much different than your average sneaker bot. The key difference is that it’s compatible only on Shopify sites. Shopify sites include Bape, Commonwealth, Cncpts, DSM, Kith, YeezySupply, and many more.

30+ Main Shopify Stores & List of Major Shopify Bots

Due to the high demand for limited products which can be bought on Shopify sites, many developers are creating Shopify sneaker bots. These bots will increase your chances of attaining the desired item before it sells out. It will allow you to create multiple accounts and run several tasks until you hopefully succeed. Running a Shopify bot will involve the use of proxies. You may also need to use a server to handle the load of the bot and make the process faster.



Different Types of Bots

There are many different types of bots for different uses. The main ones are:

  • Shopify bots
    • useful on Shopify sites
  • Nike bots
    • generate accounts to use in SNKRS drops
  • Adidas bots
    • should support all Adidas sites worldwide
  • Supreme bots
    • solely for weekly Supreme drops
  • AIO bots
    • ideally, should support all sites from Footsites to Adidas, Shopify sites to Supreme


Why It’s Worth It

Since copping items on Nike has become nearly impossible even through the use of bots, Shopify bots offer an alternative way to grab a pair of your favorite releases. The same goes to Adidas sneaker releases. Thanks goes to the number of Shopify sites that regularly hold Nike and Adidas releases on their sites. Some drops include the Off White Nike collection, the React Element, UltraBoosts, NMDs, Futurecraft 4Ds, Yeezys (like this limited Static reflective 350 v2), and more.



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